Run, run like the wind.


Yesterday, I went for a ride with my hubby to Collingwood Childrens Farm, this is about 7.5km from home but feels longer because it has lots of hills. This was with the PT in my legs from the day before, so I have pulled up quite sore. I was able to ride up some hills that I had to get off the bike and walk up last time, so this was good. My quads are getting stronger.

Last night, a very lazy evening, we went to Nichols restaurant and Wine bar on Nicholson St in North Carlton, got great reviews on Urbanspoon but the food was very ‘meh’.

This morning, me and my mate Sare went for a run/frolic in Princes park. I think I have mentioned Sare before, she has battled with severe depression. She has extremely low self-esteem.

Sare was a champion runner in early high school – she ran 100m in 13 something seconds and set a record.

We did some intervals together – Sare kicked my arse, even though she had not been running recently. Her running is like poetry in motion, a thoroughbred to my clompy Shetland pony. I learned a lot about sprinting just by chasing her. It is about driving forward from the hips and turning the legs over quickly, not about taking giant leaps.

She just kept putting herself down, and making excuses for why she could not run regularly – this reminded me of some of the excuses I have made, the “all or nothing” thinking. The hardest thing is just to get up and out the door. I say to myself a lot of the time that I am allowed to walk if I need to, and more often than not, I don’t need to.

I hope she picks the running back up. She has a body like a great distance runner (Emma Snowsill or similar) and if she trained even a little, she would be brilliant, she clearly has lots of natural ability.  I told her I would enter her in the Run Melb 10km for her birthday, that way she’d have to do some training runs.

The sprinting has actually loosened up my legs a bit, my quads aren’t quite as sore as they were.

I am a bit tired though, I need a disco nap.

With the homework my PT has set, my exercise week should look something like this:

Monday: Pilates class

Tuesday: PT session

Wednesday: Home workout 1 (involves cardio) or walk

Thursday: Home workout 1 or walk ( depends what I have done the day before)

Friday: PT session

Saturday: Home workout 2- more strength stuff. (or rest/walk)

Sunday: Long run.

This should get me finishing Movin’ in March in style.

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  1. Maybe she needs to hook up with an aths club and start doing some interval training with a group of like minded runners, just train with no pressure to compete, it might help her rediscover her love of the sport.

    There are heaps over your way, Coburg Harriers would be a good start, very friendly bunch.

    Well done on you continued Moving in March efforts too, that section towards the children’s farm really is a bugger!

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