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One More Sleep…..


I don’t know how we will go moving from the boiling hot and sunny to the freezing cold and dark but I am sure we will cope!!

Tomorrow night (actually early friday morning, or madrugada, as the Spaniards call it) we will be flying off to Gay Pareeee.

So today is packing, cleaning, re-packing, checking, putting out rubbish and making the house habitable (why? dunno!)

A busy day at work today, and very difficult to focus. I had to though, because there were a few sickies today. I also very nearly got called in to do the night shift- I am sick leave on call today, and the girl doing it was feeling shit (hard not to feel like shit after 6 nights in a row but anyways) but she said she would suck it in and carry on, and thanked me for offering to do the shift. I had woken up psychologically prepared to be called in for the shift.

A bit of a crap eating day today……but you will note no new years resolutions. I have put my scales away in a place where they won’t fuck with my head!

I wish a very happy and safe new year to all my readers and fellow runners. I wish a year of enthusiasm, hope and personal bests for you all.

Will keep youse posted …..

ADDIT 2245: A brainwave. will take runners. will run in each capital city I visit. Paris. Madrid. London. at least. Plus maybe a few more.

A productive weekend….


Saturday: Had to go into work for the morning. Then a bit of a snooze, some pissfarting about, and then we went to see Sherlock Holmes. A brilliant movie, Guy Ritchie seems to have gotten his directing Mojo back after he gave Madge the flick.

Sunday: went to bodystep class. Challenged myself with going to the second step level for the first half of the class, which I managed to do without vomiting or crying. Then went to do some shopping in the city. Bought a necklace from Mimco that I had been lusting after for a while (thanks for the gift voucher hubby).


Then I went to buy some hiking boots from Paddy Pallin; they were down from 300 bucks to 200 bucks. I also took advantage of free Paddy Pallin club membership, given to TW competitors. They are similar to these.

Then my friend Amy came over and we had a good catch up over dinner. I gave her some of my home made rocky road which she appreciated.

Today: Was feeling a bit achy (and ITB a bit tight) so I did some stretching, quads exercises and a light walk with the dog. Had to go into work again this morning, to see a sick fellow in a nursing home ( I looked at him and then sent him into hospital). Hubby and I have had a good day with tidying, doing the gardening, uploading my photos onto Flickr (just in case my camera and/or laptop get stolen or destroyed.). I have made my spare room habitable, chucked out some stuff, done some washing (a good precursor to packing).

Work tomorrow. I drop the dog off at my sister’s tomorrow night, I suspect my sister will let the dog sleep in her bed.

Will prolly pack wednesday night. I get thursday arvo off.

Tonight, I am cooking up a storm, Jamie Oliver style, with all of the vegies that I have in my fridge.

Merry Christmas!!!


am in a Rocky road induced stupor.

Hubby was on call last night, he did not get home till 2am but he did manage to get home between 10pm and 8pm – I utilised his presence to help me get the house tidy.

This morning we had a bit of a sleep in then opened some presents. Got some nice things but the piece de resistance was an atlas from my mother in law. I love atlases, I loved poring over the jacaranda junior world atlas as a child. The one I got is a large tome with all sorts of other demographic, economic and other information in it.

The family trickled in over the day….was good to see mum.

My brother was doing his best to be obnoxious though, especially after his girlfriend showed up.  He made inflammatory remarks while I was serving up, waited till I sat down and then asked for more vegies. He then asked for the receipts for the t-shirts I got him for christmas (nice ones from T-bar)….

Good thing there was lots of wine on hand…

The Jamie Oliver roast turned out really well…the chicken and roast vegies turned out nicely. The pudding was really good but we did not have room for the rocky road I made….I had some just before and it made me fit to explode.

Had a bit of a nap this arvo…am now watching the cult classic “the Breakfast Club”.

Tomorrow – have to go to work in the morning. Will go to the gym in the arvo; have just been inspired by Shells’ 6 minute kms! Will give the sales a wide berth tomorrow, might go a bit later… some good movies about to come out, might catch those.

Of course, there is the packing to do…

The countdown’s on.


To Christmas: 3 more sleeps.

To Holidays: 9 more sleeps.

I have just not got into the christmas spirit this year, perhaps I have been losing it a bit over the last few years. I am not all “bah humbug” but the excitement has been lost on me a bit.

Though when I was in chaddy, among the throng of shoppers, I heard the salvation army brass band playing “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”. Like a plea among the shoppers not to forget. It was quite mornful, actually. I went up to them, gave them a big smile as if to thank them, and popped some coins in the bucket. Nice to have that reminder. On similar lines, I heard the song “War is Over” in the supermarket – felt a bit gooey inside.

Dragged the hubby out to Kathmandu (the store, not the Nepali capital) last night to get some warm things for travel. He hates buying clothes and will only allow about one item. I made him get three hahahahah. He bought a nice blue cardie made of recycled/reclaimed materials, reduced from $300 to $90. Kathmandu have some good sales. I snaffled myself a half-price leather jacket today; should be stylish in Europe.

Today I got to leave work early (yay) to go to the dentist (boo), I have been having a bit of pain around my root canal hardware so I thought I better get it checked out. The pain turned out to be probably due to teeth grinding, it has been better since I have been compliant with my nocturnal bite-guard. Teeth grinding is a bit of a quirk of mine. Better get used to the bite-guard.

Food-wise – ok, could be better but could definitely be worse. For the most part, have been resisting all the choccies on the wards and have not had my usual seasonal mince tart frenzy.

Here is the day’s takings:

breakfast: muffin 1700kj plus coffee 300kj

morning tea: green tea 0kj (was full after muffin)

lunch: sushi 1600kj

after: lindt ball 310kj

pre exercise: banana 400kj

dinner: chicken dinner 1900kj drink 300kj

after (craving choc) strawberry freddo 400kj cherries 50kj


exercise: step class, burnt ? 1500-2000kj.

The groin has been ok, no pain at all while walking/standing, only minor pain at the end of the step class.

Am really hanging out for our holiday. Although most of Europe is in a bit of chaos with freezing weather, snow, sleet etc. Hope it dies down!!!

Slummin’ it in the southeast.


I say that with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Am posting at the end of a lovely weekend. It was hubby’s birthday yesterday, and we had lunch in a winery at Gisborne. Then hubby’s work christmas party at the Retreat hotel in abbotsford, a lovely 1920’s hotel with drinks at late 1990s prices. All will be happy to hear that I ate moderately, though the bread and christmas pudding was a bit bloaty (TMI).

Today, we went for a drive out to Rye to check out the Peninsula Hot springs. We were not able to book in a massage so we sprang 55 bucks for the “private” (i.e. public but child free) bathing area. Was a bit disappointing and there was a definite lack of spa jet activity (if I am to drive 120km to sit in hot water, I want it to bubble, dammit). The girls at the front desk were airheads and could not get our payment/ towels etc right. There were a group of tres annoying ladies, one of whom felt the need to cackle loudly at everything. The caf was expensive. But will chalk it all up to experience. I think if we want to go to a spa facility, it is better to stay there.

We drove back. It was an unfortunate day – slow people in front and in the right lane and fast people at my tail. It was a bit of a stressful drive.

We made a detour via chaddy. It was less crowded than I thought, with last minute shoppers. Saw all the high end stores, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Burberry. All far too expensive; wonder if anyone actually buys anything other than fragrances there? Out of interest I quickly nipped into Burberry to see what a trench coat goes for nowadays. I looked then went right on out of the store without peeking at the scarves (which look just like the cheap rip-offs anyway). The price was the GDP of a small African nation.

I bought some underwear (after doing a cleanout of my clothing I have found I am short on Bras), so I bought some in nice colours. Respectably cheeky underthings to make myself feel a bit coquettish. Not uncomfortable. Tugging and scratching around the brassiere area, definitely not sexy.

I confess I have been doing some exercise; my groin is only a niggle and should settle in the 3 weeks I am away. I did my 1km repeats (see last post) with a 5 minute x-trainer warm up. It won’t be long till I am doing all of my running at 10.5km/hr 😛

Only a short week at work. Yay. Then a few days off. Will have to go into work boxing day but only for a few hours.

Have sprouted a few painful facial zits. Why, why, why????

A right pain in the groin.


I have had a pain in my right groin (hip flexor to the more edumacated) area intermittently since the big Lysterfield to Grants walk a couple of weeks ago.

I had a bit of a doctors office consult with Chris, one of the senior orthopedic registrars who I work with today. He said that it is unlikely to be any joint problem (like arthritis) and more likely to be a muscular or soft tissue injury, like a psoas bursitis. He said to not run on it, and if I am going to swim, do freestyle not breaststroke. He said that I did not need an x ray yet. So good news and bad news…..the devil in me wants to defer the rest until I go overseas and go hard at it before then. I can take some anti-inflamms….

but I just sound silly, right?

I had the whole idea of doing some 1km repeats on the tready – 9.5km/hr for 1km, rest/walk for 60 sec, then 10km/h for 1km, then rest, then 10.5km/hr for 1km. I think this will help build up my speed and general fitness a bit, particularly since there is generally no method to my (exercise) madness.

I am also in a bit of a fug because I ate a lot of junk food today (christmas morning tea etc) but I tell myself it could have been worse. Like I could be saying “sod it” and continuing on the junky train instead of having my (very yummy) left over soup tonight.

I think it all made me a bit sluggish, because I left work early today cos it was quiet, got home, and then observed my time honoured tradition of stripping down to my underwear and going to sleep.

It is Ian’s birthday tomorrow. More food, will try to minimise damage as best I can without coming off antisocial or (heaven forbid) starving myself. I have bought Ian a Hornblower DVD set in a wooden box complete with sailing instruments in the box.

Just had a call from mum. The 5th call of the type”oh don’t have much money this year, I am only getting you a small present”. The same thing, 5 times, every freakin year. Plus the “I have no money so I will get you a present next payday ” (that never materialises) from my sister. How do I deal with this? What do I say? Really, truly, it is not the lack of present that grates on me. I have everything I need. Don’t know what it is really…..I would prefer them just to say nothing.

I have been a bit nostalgic about childhood Christmases. Sometimes, we went to Nannas or Auntie Barb’s. There was always a lot of food, a lot of family. Quite enjoyable. Not very much in the way of presents, because Mum had not much money but it was a happy time. Christmases at home were a different matter – they were frugal affairs indeed. When Dad was there, he got drunk. When mum and dad split up, he never showed up.

So I will try and relish the time with family, learn to cook a few new things, be happy about the fact that I can provide my family with a no-expense-spared feast. I will try not to let them annoy me to much. I will try not to drink too much (will make some tasty non-alcoholic punch, I think). I will create my own happy memories of the time.

32km yesterday and not sore at all.


I think it was the compression stockings.

Had an issue of burning feet/blisters at the end. Anyone have any cures? Taping? Think it is just the repetitive moving of the feet.

I was pretty unwell at the beginning and middle of the walk. I had a headache and felt sick after the first 15km at the rest stop. I had half a mind to catch a taxi back to my car but I thought I would feel better if I kept walking, so I did.

We did it in just under 6 hours. I headed home and went straight to sleep. Woke up and did the food shopping and bought some meat to roast for xmas day. Also, the plan to cook our own christmas pudding has been nixed due to lack of time; it is an all day job.

Work was a bit painful today, lots of difficult referrals. New resident. Hope to ease into it a bit better tomorrow. I am sooooooo looking forward to christmas and holidays.

Today’s food:

Brekky – muesli, yoghurt, poached cherries coffee 1400kj

Morning tea – coffee, sesame bar 1000kj

Lunch: Ryvitas, Tinned Chicken (wouldn’t recommend, tastes like rubber mixed with tuna), carrots, cheese, cherry tomatoes 1500kj

Pre-dinner: cheese 300kj

Dinner: Chicken salad 1800kj

After: Strawberries, 1tsp sugar, glass wine 900kj

All up 6900kj. give or take. I am trying to eat fewer carbs at night. Potato will be the most difficult thing but I plan on replacing it with sweet potato or pumpkin.

Hope to go out for a run tomorrow in the morning. Actually, hope doesn’t figure into it. Just have to do it. The grippy hip flexor will hopefully be passe.

I really need to tidy up the spare room and do some chucking out. Could sell some books and donate proceeds to oxfam trailwalker. Need to also sort out salary packaging stuff.

I should take advantage of the non-ratings period with crapola telly to do more stuff about the house and sort out my shit.

40 most shocking celebrity divorces.


This is what I am watching on GO at the moment, free tv’s inferior answer to Fox 8. Although they do have ‘the Big Bang Theory’ on it. Funny show.


Spent the arvo working on getting an article that I wrote (the one I won the prize for) submitted to the MJA for publication. And I did it!

We shall see how that goes…

I was tempted to go home and treat myself to a celebratory dinner. My hubby is out playing texas hold ’em poker (so we may not own our house tomorrow). But I did not. Because food consumed alone does have calories, contrary to the myth.

Was just sitting through the TAC ad…pretty shocking. Hopefully effective. None of us are bulletproof.


No exercise tonight, I got home late, and am relishing the time at home alone with my books, my dog, my puter and my widescreen telly. Happy days.

So I am going to do a warts and all food diary like Shells:

Brekky: Muesli, Yoghurt, blueberries, banana, coffee, 1300kj

Morning tea: Green Tea, apricot almond slice 500kj (intern baked yeey)

Lunch: Sushi, seaweed salad 1800kj

jelly beans consumed whilst sitting at puter at work doing my article: approx 550kj. Plus coffee 150kj

organic corn chips eaten when got home approx 250kj (then I threw the last of them in the bin)

dinner: gluten free pie, peas, corn (with butter), sauce 2000kj

6550kj. Not bad. Without jelly beans would be better. Although it could be chocs. I have thus far stayed away from the choccies at work.

Better get back to dodgy divorces.

P.S. go to rugers blog to say hello, think she would appreciate it.

could eat a (chocolate cake) horse.


A horse sized gooey creamy chocolate cake like the ones you get at the cheesecake shop or at a greek baker.

Auntie Flo is about to visit. As a harbinger of her coming to town I have a big zit on my right temple. Will be covered by hair, thank cripes.

I have been good though – had a couple of ryvitas with honey and they helped stave off the sweet tooth.

This and the fact that we don’t have a cheesecake shop or greek bakery open near me now.

I haven’t even had a mince pie yet this silly season (but, you say, it is only the 7th of december!)

I have not had time to go for a walk (pick up hubby, supermarket, home, cook, eat then digest up until 2100 but I have done lots of jogging on the spot and plenty of stretching. Plus walked about a lot at work today. Will get up early for a run tomorrow.

Am so freaking over work now.

Lysterfield to Grants Picnic Ground (and back) – ~ 26km


And a lovely day for it!

What can I say? Lots of hills. Lots of other people in TW training. Plenty of flies.

We went for snacks at Grants – Shells and I had the famous vanilla slice. Then back. We got a negative split and actually ran the last 3 or so km.

I got some sore spots on my feet, a niggle in the hip flexor and a bit of sunburn. Other than that, unscathed.

My exercise aims for the week:

  • go for some light recovery exercise tomorrow.
  • Do some hills.
  • Go for a swim
  • Go for 1-2 jogs.

we are potentially doing a big walk next weekend.

A bit boring tonight – am a bit tired.