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New shooz.


I took myself off to Shoe Logic today. I can really recommend them, the salesman, Bryce, was really good.

We did the whole video gait analysis and he was not impressed with the Trances, I was quite shocked by how much I rolled in; no wonder I had sore ankles after R4TK!

He tried me in some of the new Brooks Adrenalines, which have the new DNA technology, really bouncy.

Then he got me in some Mizuno Wave Nirvanas. Oh My God they felt really secure. I got them more out of sheer curiosity, they really cradled my hindfoot well.

Best of all, they get me out of the orthotics! Here they are! They even gave me $20 off!

Wave Nirvana 7 (W)

Yesterday, I found out there was a Lululemon athletica outlet, so I went there. Most Lululemon stuff is really expensive, but I got some stuff there. Mainly undergarments. Undies in technical material, anyone?

Also got a Dean Karnazes book, 50 marathons in 50 days. Yes I bought it retail, at A&R. Could probably have bought it at half the price over the internets.

Tomorrow, hopefully, a slow endurance run, will take the new shooz out for a spin. I have a bit of a cold; have bought some hippy Ease a cold tablets, hopefully they help.

The weather here is JUST GORGEOUS at the moment. It will turn foul next week. Sigh.

Hubby and I watched the wedding last night, I thought I was just going to watch the frock, but we were sucked into the whole thing. I LOVED Kate’s dress, it was magnif. It gave her hips. Pippa looked gorgeous also. Carole looks like a hot bird for her age; bet Wills is happy as he gets to look into the future!


Photo Blog #1


All the cool kids are putting photos on their blog. I thought I might have a photo-post of pictures from my iPhone for the last few days. I am thinking of getting a camera in Singapore so they will be better quality. (plus I can’t find my old camera plus something is broken on it)

Car with Eyelashes.

iced latte, made for me by cute young barista

Fruit from old skool greengrocer near my house. Note price, don't have to remortgage the house, phew.

big muthafucka of a blister from this mornings run. nyerrrr didn't hurt.

little muthafucka of a blister. note to self - wear x-socks

dog looking out the window, pondering dog life.

This belly is not gonna rub itself. RUB MAH BELLEH!

To do or not to do…(or a murky tour through my mind)


I have raised this quietly with a few people.

After being inspired by Phil’s amazing effort, and by my own running improvements I got to thinking about doing a marathon. If she could do it in 12 weeks, I could do it with more preparation! Possibly…if I can sort out the blisters…..the ankle and knee hold up….errrrghhh

I have been snooping about the internets for information…..then I found the London Mara website. Entry to the event occurs via a ballot. There are also charity runners, where you can get in and be supported by a charity, but you have to raise >1500 quid for the privilege. That would be nice but would take time and be a bit of a

THEN I found the travelling fit website, They are offering guaranteed places in the event (bear in mind that either of the other routes are not guaranteed). It is quite expensive, but not prohibitively so, for us. I checked with the hubby.

They got back to me today and told me what I needed to do.

Guaranteed Place In London Marathon…….scary…..

I love London, the timing of the event is good (April next year, October this year is too soon). So why am I not jumping into this without a second thought? I am well travelled and running a marathon in a different city would be an exciting thing.

I sort of feel an imperative to get “things” done before I settle down and have a baby, which I will want to do next year. What things… to Turkey? Iceland? Run a marathon?

But a marathon? That will involve WORK, a bit of SACRIFICE. It will involve me becoming physically THE BEST THAT I CAN BE. For all my talk through my blog about getting to my ideal weight, I might actually have to go and actually DO it, rather than talking about it.

It’s all a bit….intimidating.

A year. A year to get to my peak. On paper/internet, eminently doable. Just need to get through the mental barriers. We always regret the things we have not done, more than the things we have.

Tuesday….feels like Sunday


Wow, that went fast!

Let me see…

Monday: Worked on a grant proposition. Went to Gym. Was reminded of how much I now….don’t really like the gym. Too hot in parts, too cold in others. It stinks. Some people in there stink (no, really, they do! I hadn’t noticed before!) I can only tolerate any equipment for about 2-3 minutes each (the treadmill for a grand total of 55 seconds).

Yes! I am now an exercise purist! I like fresh air! Plus I think I was a bit sore because I had exercised the previous 3 days, think I needed a rest.

Monday night: emailed my proposition to the Prof. Got a terse email from him, with bits capitalised for emphasis. A thumb-lashing. POOOOO. Un-freaking-grateful!

A simple “would you mind changing this, thanks a bunch” would have been fine.


Today, I met up with Morsey to go for a walk around the Tan, great to have a yap. After this I did a couple of running repeats up Anderson St. I saw a tall skinny chick who ran past me, then stopped just after and walked. I said “NOOO, don’t stop! You are thinner and taller than me!”

I managed to crest the hill both times without stopping. Lots of YMs with prams and Purebred dogs to dodge. My arseritis had flared up after Sunday’s efforts (why does that always happen) so I did not push my luck.

After, hubby and I went out to have some lunch, then I went to the Naturopath.

When I saw her, I understood why my patients looked uncertain when I was an intern/junior doc (and probably now).

She looked so YOUNG!

She was pretty good though. We talked about my reflux (she called it reflex a few times but I am forgiving). We talked about ways to improve my energy, without coffee. She was happy with the changes I have already made. I am going back to see her next week, for a plan to get me off the coffee, and hopefully off the acid pills. Yeehaw!

I have to get my passport re-issued quick sticks tomorrow, as I am off on my whirlwind tour of Singapore next week. I will probably not even get to see the place during daylight – might have to take an extended lunch break??? Feign a headache?

Have a good foreshortened week, chickens!

Sri Chinmoy 5km: 31:35 (PB)


I dragged my mother in law and hubby out to the fun run. Well, no, actually I didn’t; they were whinging about getting up so early, and I told them that they were free to go back to bed if they wanted to.

I was not terribly hopeful about this run, given last night’s seediness which ran into this morning. I got up, had a coffee and a banana, and we shuffled down to Prinny.

Sri C races are very friendly, I had a chat with a girl about her x-socks (she ended up running 2nd or 3rd in the 10km).

The 3 of us lined up at the start. There was a father talking to his 2 sons about race etiquette (keep to the left), the 5 or 6 year olds solemnly nodded. Induction from an early age.

The gun went off (actually it was just a bloke saying “ready, set, go”). The beast in me was unleashed. Some FOOL was bent over adjusting his ipod just after the start line, nearly knocked him over, dangerous for all concerned. I got a bit over-excited, was going at 5:30 pace, and made myself slow down to 6minute kms. Hubby kept up with me for the whole first kilometre! I was so proud!

I kept the pace on, even tried to slow a bit, but found slowing down difficult. It was a beautiful morning. I had a drink at 2.5km. Then the hilly part. Given that I was feeling a bit crook, I elected to walk up the steep bits to avoid the spewy feeling. It was only about 20 metres.

The hairpin at Royal Park Station slowed me down somewhat.

I checked my watch: 5:58 minute kms. Cool!

I ran up the final hill, being sure to smile for the camera. A smile that did not look like a grimace!

The final straight: I was tired and feeling sick, but managed to keep the pace at 6:08. During this time I grunted and groaned and probably sounded like rhinoceroses (rhinoceri??) mating.

I got to the line and checked my watch: 31:35! I had been cautiously hoping for under 32 or 33 minutes! Even though I was feeling crook, I smashed it! Imagine what I can do when well!

I went and waited around. The winner of the 10km event was a female with bright pink hair, through in 34 minutes something.

At about the 39 minute mark, I saw hubby and he was jogging! I gave him a big yell, and he smiled the most beautiful smile. He finished and I took him to the water station, as he was tuckered.

At the water station, I saw the bright pink hair lady and congratulating her. She was super friendly, her name was Victoria, and she told me she was a steeplechaser by trade. She told me that the runner up, a male, had been “chicked” (ie beaten by a chick). I told her that she was a bloody legend and she handed his arse to him on a platter. She asked me how I went, I told her about my PB, and she congratulated me.

My mother in law had not finished the race – she decided to rip her number off when she saw that she was the only one walking. She was a bit upset. A bit of a dampener on things.

On the way back home, I cheered on the 15km winner, heading through the chute in 52 something minutes. He thanked me for cheering him! What a legend!

It was really good to mingle with some elites, to have them appreciate your presence; they get it. Everyone is there to do their best and improve themselves or just enjoy a lovely morning.

Oooh, and here is my effort:

My 5km PB

It is all very poetic really, Jesus rising from the dead, me rising from feeling icky.

P.S. What is with all the blokes spitting on the course? It is yucky, my PT does it, and he also does a pretty accurate snot-rocket as well. Though I must say, I have envy of this; I know if I tried spitting or snot rockets, I would end up with it down my front or something like that.

Glowing good health.


This is what I want. Right now.

I sit here, after Easter pleasantries with my four favourite people (hubby, mother in law, mum and dog). We had tacos, wine and chocolate eggs. The second night of profligacy in a row.

My oesophagus is burning from the wine. I feel seedy. My sinuses are throbbing. I feel sick from the chocolate. I have been a bit bunged up (ok TMI). Blerk. Enough.

I know I am healthy, I feel good most of the time. I have beaten depression and stared down the eye of a binge eating disorder. I have muscles where I have not before (and I may often be found stroking my guns or showing them off to unsuspecting people). I have harnessed the power of protein for keeping my hunger at bay, and  freed myself of the need to eat potatoes EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I eat vegetables with every meal (spinach in the smoothie in the morning).

Indeed I have come far, and credit where credit is due etc.

I want to be MORE healthy. Full of energy, skin glowing, free of sinusitis, free from the crunch in my right knee every time I bend it. I want to feel clean and energised after meals, not yuck. I hate having to take acid pills for my stomach – I am on enough pills.

The plan:

  • keep alcohol to a minimum – 1-2 glasses once or twice a week, and not the night before training. I need to let go of the feeling that a meal is not a meal without alcohol.
  • lay off the dairy – keep to the soy milk in the coffee
  • keep to 1 coffee per day: it picks me up and then makes me tired
  • Drink lots of herbal tea – it tastes good and clears everything out.
  • keep up with the fish oil and glucosamine
  • Eat a carrot with lunch or for morning tea (keep the bowels happy)
  • Head off to see a naturopath. YES a naturopath. Works in the paradigm of maintaining/optimising health rather than in my paradigm (disease).
  • Get to bed before 10:30 each night.

It is not about restriction or purging, about NOT doing things, but about positive actions and nurturing. This is the big difference.

I want to glow, bubble, effervesce. GLOW, dammit.

Anyone have anything to add?

Buona Pasqua!


That is Italian for happy easter (think I used this one last year, but anywho…)

I went for some easter shopping the other night, to buy easter eggs, and reflected on how it is a bit like christmas – pressure to buy a whole heap of crap (or crappy food) that you would not normally, worried that you had not gotten enough etc etc.

Then I remembered that it was all about family, togetherness and DAYS OFF. I bought modestly and went home. There will be enough chocolate. We are not in danger of wasting away. My mother in law, who is coming down, has put on some weight and is now needing an increased dose of antihypertensives. She is already on CPAP for obstructive sleep apnoea, and is pre-diabetic. So I have a healthy dinner planned for friday night, and we are doing a fun-run on easter sunday. I will make an attempt on a PB. I would like to do the 60 minute if possible for July 17th, which is 3 months away. Lots of hard work is planned for the next 3 months….beginning with a PT session tomorrow. I’ve had some sinusitis this week, have just got antibiotics from the doc, so hopefully I will start feeling better soon.

Today, I had a call from the Prof. He told me that his wife was sick and needed an operation (she will be fine from what he has told me). He has an upcoming investigator meeting in Singapore and wanted me to go in his place. I ended up telling him that I could, but had to come back a day earlier than planned – this will have me travelling to Singapore on Wednesday, staying in the Marriott on Weds night, attending the meeting on thursday and flying back thurs night, skipping the friday session….flight is with Jetstar, but is starclass…..I don’t know whether I will be going, as this all needs to be agreed to by the drug company, but it is kind of exciting in a pain in the arse kind of way.

Well, I wish everybody a good weekend, enjoy it to the fullest. Me- I have grants to write, a paper to finish (and actually start, to tell the truth) – something for mon and tues, I think! Take care, people! Enjoy your carbiferous treats!