2012 In summary



  • London Marathon
  • Getting money for project
  • Going to first music festival, and seeing lots of live music
  • Salsa dancing in Alburquerque, San Francisco
  • Getting 15 patients through study
  • Moving in on own
  • Riding to work for first time
  • Finding love after swearing off it
  • meeting his family and friends
  • trying new exercises: stand up paddleboarding, burlesque


  • speed dating and other dating fails
  • getting hurt, emotional rollercoaster, reliving pain – eg with man with kids, getting divorced, hearing about ex’s pregnancy
  • getting spinal nerve injury
  • gaining weight/losing fitness

what worked for me this year:

  • having a time-limited goal (eg marathon) with a plan
  • going easy on myself
  • just doing it despite desire for perfection, tendency to procrastinate, “it’s all too hard”
  • learning to manage negative emotions on own
  • having a “special friend”… 😉
  • focussing on what I could control
  • when in doubt, shutting up
  • learning who to trust to help me
  • being mindful of surroundings, emotions
  • asking for help
  • exercising in company/instructor
  • focussing on what will make me healthier (physically/mentally)

what did not work for me this year

  • lack of preparation (eg shopping for food)
  • too much alcohol
  • focussing on what I don’t have
  • setting non-achievable or nebulous goals
  • procrastinating
  • shooting mouth off esp in heat of moment
  • wanting people to change
  • comparing myself/my lot to other people’s
  • worrying

Goals for 2013

  • planning meals and shopping for food weekly
  • mastering 2 new recipes per month
  • no/minimal alcohol during week
  • R4TK – train with personal trainer
  • after R4TK – ?crossfit,
  • 1 pilates per week
  • 1 swim per week/fortnight
  • getting 120 participants for trial (ie doing most of recruitment
  • doing something creative – artwork/dance – 1 per week/fortnight



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  1. I don’t think you can can consider most of those lowlights as real downers, except the spinal injury of course. Do you think every training run you did leading up to the marathon was a failure because you didn’t do the full distance? Dating is like that too.

    Ha, no/minimal alcohol during the week! What’s minimal?

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