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Yes, I am a bit of a turtle, or a penguin, or any other creature that moves slowly. Of course, I don’t always move slowly (leaving work, for example). But I run slowly. I have to come to terms with the fact that I am slower than most, that I will do the 10km in over an hour. But hey, as I tell my juniors, gotta get good before you can get fast ๐Ÿ™‚

Went to this party last night, very glad I went. I am a bit of a bugger for eating when not hungry. It is a big dietary no-no. But chockies or yummy munchies and whoosh, there goes my resolve. I had a Krispy Kreme donut that they proffered, smacked my lips throughout but afterwards I just felt dirty. Always have that feeling with KK donuts. I much prefer jam donuts. Why why why??? I think I have an impulse control problem. I am a sugar junkie, am hoping my 5 days at gwinganna will go some way to sorting this out.

But worked off some of the extra caloric intake with a step class this morning. New release, very fun. I went to my happy place. Good to see mel the gazelle looking well….hey that rhymes!

Went to visit my friend littlesare, she is not very good at the moment, very depressed, very anxious, very mixed up. I’ve been there, but not as deeply as her. I want to grab her by the hand and pull her out of it but it don’t work like that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Have some killer blisters now, it is either over pronation and knee pain or orthotics, correct gait and blisters. Bugger.

Have a good friend coming to watch dexter with me tonight, damn channel 10, it is on later than usual because of australian idol. Think I will get into Idol later.

Should do some housework now….sound familiar??

Magnetic tracky daks and general laziness.


Had to have an early morning breaky – more gluten lactose free fun, while hubby was going to eat eggs benedict.

Did my long run today – just over 7.5 km, with about 3 small walkie breaks. Am proud of myself, but still feel am a bit slow. Oh well, will work on running for more of the time.

Went for lactose tolerance test, was dying of hunger and got dizzy a few times. Bought a good fluffy piece of chick lit to read which made the time fly a bit faster.

Have spent the day in a pair of tracky pants….clean ones, not my sweaty running tights. The thing is, once I have ’em on, don’t wanna take em off. Have a party tonight, was considering piking just because I wanted to stay in my trackies, too lazy to get changed.

Will reluctantly slither into a smart pair of jeans :(. but not gonna wash hair. Think the bed-head look will work. I feel that on the weekend, sometimes brushing my hair strictly optional

Made a scrummy lamb keema tonight, good to see my hubby eat his peas.

Welcome rugers! All the ausrunners will have to meet after!

What’s that big yellow thing in the sky??


I sure hope it stays there!

Busy week this week, with appointments and work and stuff. On my last day of gluten free lactose free fun and taste free diet, having final breath test tomorrow. A short week next week with some further tests.

Got new orthotics, gave them a whirl on wednesday, gave me blisters yeoow. Will have to tape up the feet for tomorrows long run. I am hoping to do about 7km, all running.

On wednesday, did almost a lap of prinny (3.1km) in 20 minutes! Not bad! Had the coach pushing me along. Have just entered the coffee club 10km on Melbourne marathon day.

I have a task to do before 11:30….am procrastinating. Am very good at that. Just want to go out into the sunshine.

Bring on the weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

On running, comedy and stupid drivers.


What a busy day today. Started out with breakfast – more gluten/lactose/taste free rubbish. The back to bed. Then a run which turned into a walk. Had a severe case of “can’t be bothered”.

Had a breath test today for which I had to fast from breaky, bloody starving. I finished the book, “The new runner”, by the penguin, John Bingham. He is my new hero. What a great book.

I think that running is a friendly, fundamentally generous sport. There are always people who are friendly and willing to give advice and encouragement. I remember once running around prinny, getting a case of the can’t be bothereds half way through. A lady ran past saying “Come on, don’t stop”. I said “Slow down, I’ll run with you” and we did. When I was at training on wednesday, I was doing the 3 x 15 minutes, and I saw a lady stop running and start walking. I said “run with me”, and she did. She got all the way around princes park and was very happy. Good to inspire others. Also good to hear somebody say “that’s awesome” to what you are attempting. A case of spreading the joy.

John Bingham said that he did not have the body of a runner, but has the soul of one. He talks about how your humble feet can take you anywhere you want, the main limit being fear. Very inspirational. People remark when I say I run “I’m not a runner, I can’t run”. I say – If I can run, you bloody well can too. Yes, this mildly overweight, flat footed, wheezy lass is out there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of which, am about to treat my flat feet to some orthotics.

Just went out to see Tropic Thunder. Not that funny. Just love to watch my husband laughing himself silly. He laughs with his whole body.

And don’t get me started on stupid drivers. People think nothing of cutting in front of you, even when the way is clear after you. People going slow in the right lane. People going too fast in the left lane (I find all the slow buggers are in front of me, the leadfoots tailgating me). And people – a green light does not mean sit there and think about it, a green light means go, unless there is a semi making a right in front of you. Then it’s fine.

Got that off my chest….need to steel self for getting a caning at work tomorrow, for a whole 14 hours.





Am sick of my colleagues taking sick leave, I have to pick up their slack. Why don’t they suck it in?? It is getting ridiculous, nearly every day somebody has called in.

Dreading the work on sunday, not dreading the cash.

Am on a very restricted diet currently, can’t even scoff chocky to cushion the pain. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Have to have tests tomorrow.



Have just done running group. Ran 3×15 mins, about 2 and 1/3 laps of prinny. This has created a small issue of BO. I am even disgracing myself. Hmmm.

Pulled a muscle in my neck today, was walking around with my neck stiff like frankenstein. One of my colleagues, trained in acupuncture, performed some on my neck and upper back. This rendered me able to go for a run (or was it the paracetamol and ibuprofen??)

Very very sad thing seen at work today. Can’t divulge it on the web. Not the appropriate place.ย 

Am definitely getting fitter, losing weight. Have to have some tests which involve fasting and restricted diets. As perverse as it sounds, this may take off a bit extra (cos the bigger one is, the faster they aint.)

Want to get a bit faster. Am a bit of a creeper. Oh well. Gotta get strong before can get fast.

Exercise: 6.7 km today, Pilates yesterday.

Injuries: Pulled neck muscle.

Mini-donuts eaten at work: 2 (technically donut holes) carbscarbscarbscarbsmmmmmcarbs.

just a bit tetchy and sulky…


I can feel my work morphing back into last year’s job…..I have climbed up the ladder, earned my stripes and now I feel I have to deal with all the same stuff as last year. Am continually suppressing the urge to say “back in MY day….”. I sometimes wonder whether I am doing a good job, probably some of the old negative thoughts coming back. At least I am challenging them now.

Anyways, at least this year has less out of hours stuff. I get to go to running, painting etc. Love it. Am doing my first weekend shift of the year on sunday though, need some cashola.

On the running thing, did a tough session; hills, sprints, strength, upper body and then did another half-lap around prinny. Got my heart rate up to “I think I’m gonna vomit”. All good. Note to self – do not need the 2 chocolate teddy ย bear bickies for energy, they were repeating on me during my run.

Very proud of the Aussie lady triathletes. Well done Emmas.

Can feel pants getting looser.

I need a back rub.

Housework? What Housework?


It seems trendy for newbie (and even not so newbie) runners to have a blog. I don’t have a diary, but spend a lot of time on the puter. So here ’tis.ย 

So I’m at home on a Sunday, getting over-excited about the aussie team and screaming at our new LCD TV. Very inspiring to see the Romanian lady win, no good about Paula Radcliffe. Wonder how Kate Smyth and Benita Johnson went?

Meanwhile, am just plodding through the housework while hubby is doing his essay. House is filthy. Hate cleaning. Don’t mind sweeping, though. Very satisfying.

I am really getting into the running thing; I did 6.5km yesterday with a few walk breaks on long run day. This is the first time I have actually trained for anything. Never very sporty. I took it up to escape some mental demons (severe depression) and it just came from there. I have ditched my gym membership to take part in a training group ( too expensive to do both). Am now starting to feel good and comfortable during the run, as opposed to crappy during and fantastic after. I have one speed – my own, about a 6.5 or 7 min km. Have not done speed work yet.

Was very inspired to hear about Kate Smyth, who is 35 and took up marathoning at 30, lost 20 kg and got herself into the olympics. Not expecting to get in to the olympics, of course, but I feel I can do the long distances. Currently training for a 10km. Would like to lose a bit of weight (about 10kg) but am happier with my body now I am seeing it evolving. Also partial to a bit of pilates.

What else….having a quiet weekend. Bought some “nice” tracky dacks yesterday – Witchery, no less. Ones that I will be less embarrassed to leave the house in… trackies. Friday night was a big celebration for all the FRACP kids – lovely meal, way too much to drink. Why do I do it to myself? Must aim for maximum of 2 drinks at a time. Not that drinking to seediness is a common thing for me. And at least I got up early the next morning to do a long run. Now that’s tough.

Would like to log my training / goods / bads:

Running: 6.5 km yesterday

Other Exercise: 4 laps of Highpoint yesterday… to quote Carrie Bradshaw: “Shopping is my cardio”ย 

Food: Need to do some shopping….running out.ย 

Other: Stop bloody procrastinating… , have managed to stay away from the chocky, carbs (cake, donuts) proving more difficult, but have avoided temptation.