Monthly Archives: September 2009

To shop or not to shop: that is the question.


The good Sassy says that there are things to do, things such as

  • Folding
  • Tidying up my study
  • Working on my journal article
  • blogging
  • Cooking dinner
  • reading my book
  • playing with the hound.

The bad sassy would like to go out and buy an ipod docker so that she can do these things listening to music…and I need some new undergarments.

In more exciting news, have booked tickets to Spain, going via London. Am amused to find that a return trip to the UK is cheaper than it was 8 years ago when I first went overseas…..higher fuel prices but more competition. The cool thing is that I will have over 40,000 frequent flyer points with singapore air which hopefully will get me something…..maybe a visit to the hoity toity lounge (not that you really need it in changi airport though….)

After last weekend, having bloating resembling a near-term pregnancy, I have decided to be more compliant to my low fructose rules….have fallen off the wagon and been eating what I want. And drinking what I want. I have stepped the exercise back up, doing step, dance and pilates.

I was reading an article by Mia Freedman about living in the present….made me think of the small pleasures. Like receiving an unexpected kiss from my hubby this morning. Like the sound of the dog snoring beside me.

ok, back to work now.

A quick catch up….


Have just gotten back from Freo-vegas, where I had a conference.

All really good stuff….the best bit was that I won the prize for the best presentation by an advanced trainee. And the cashola that goes with it… guilt free shopping yeaaahhh.

Had my hair cut, it is quite short.

Today, I rolled my ankle at work and am now limping 😦

And I am looking forward to this weekend, and the next, and the next.