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103 minutes – Sassy is pooped.


A run with shells today, 49:12 in, 53 min back. I finally found my  limit and pushed a little bit beyond that. I think I know what glycogen depletion feels like, judging by the dizzy hungry feeling and the legs feeling like lead and the sharp slowing down (is that what it feels like???). I had to take some walkie breaks toward the end. There was a point where I just wanted to lie down but I told myself “NO”. I drew on most of my mental strength. It was a hot one, too!

When we got back, I drank a litre of water, whimpered a bit and inhaled some orange juice at Kanteen. Then brekky, home and snooze.

Went for a little walk around brunswick town, went to True blue shoes factory outlet; a man’s wet dream, a place full of sweaty, grunting, excited women! No shoes in my size, though.

Off to my little bro’s girlfriend’s 21st tonight. Kat, the Greek Goddess. She is beautiful, smart (law student), fashionable and the best thing to happen to my little bro. Have to toddle off to get her a present.

Had my hair done last night, a little bit brown, a little bit red and a lot saucy minx! (Think I already wrote that yesterday).

Best go…..

Too Bloody Hot #3 – A hard day at the office.


Woke up early this AM to go for a run which turned into a jogwalkshuffle – it was just too hot and my legs were not coming to the party.

Headshrinker this AM – hate the drive into Richmond, it is stressful. The experience of seeing the doc is always quite sobering because he almost always manages to uncover something…..I suppose that’s what he gets paid for.

In my job things are rarely an immediate matter of life and death (thankfully) but today was an exception. I had to act quick and salvage a situation. Luckily I was able to do this. But a busy rest of the day after this……the nerves get a bit worn.

So many handfuls of chips were eaten in addition to the morning tea. Yes, a patented Sassy stress response, though hopefully the stress eating threshold is getting higher. I have thought about writing the day off, food diary wise, but it is important to be honest with oneself.

So off to the hairdresser I went after work, was running late as per usual. The hairdressing salon has had an uber funky new fitout, with wood panels and fashionable lighting. The piece de resistance, though, is the massaging chairs that you sit in to get the hair washed. Body getting massage, scalp getting massage. Worth the exorbitant amount I pay, though I am sure people pay more and don’t get the bells and whistles. I even scored myself a glass of wine! Yaaaahhh!

Off for a long run with Shells tomorrow, better get an early night…..

Too bloody hot #2.


A good day at work, had a half day off but my time was not my own. Had to help out at the mothership and say goodbye to some of the lovely folk I worked with this year and tidy out my desk. 

Learned some more of the evil and dastardly doings of the prof – generally interfering in everyone else’s job. The other boss is a very lovely fella but he really needs to stand up to the prof.

I won some tickets (don’t know if won is the right word, ok, snaffled some tix) from work to “A day on the baseline” at the Hisense arena to see Gabriella Cilmi and The Cat Empire. They were giving them away. In the public service we very rarely get perks like this; I was a bit annoyed at the tennis to see that all the front rows had gone to corporate clients to give to their employees. Us schleps in the  public service saving lives and keeping order etc are relegated to the back of the Rod Laver! But I got me some free tix which I think were given to my hospital by a charity organisation.

No exercise today – too hot. Had a pizza for dinner, a small gluten free base, with vegies only, no mozzarella, only dabs of goat’s cheese. Must be good! Might get up early tomorrow, or might not……

Think I need a shower….all sticky from the heat.

It is mine and my resident’s last day at broady tomorrow, the nurses are having a going away morning tea tomorrow for us. How lovely. I have bought them a big jar of decent coffee (nescafe espresso) and tea bags (tetley all rounder) to have instead of the international roast caterers blend  they are forced to consume.

Too bloody hot #1- Sassy de-briefs.


It is like a freaken sauna outside.

A bit of a busy day today. It is nearly the end of the “doctoring” year so we change jobs next monday. 

One of my bosses, the Prof, was an absolute double shit today. She demanded I come out of a case conference (case conferences are sacred in my workplace, kind of like hair is to Sampson) to come to a meeting at 12:30. She got the ward clerk to pull me out of the meeting. When I said I would ring her back, she rang again and demanded that I come from the meeting. 

I answered the phone and she sounded more pleading than angry. I told her that I was not able to come to the meeting at 12:30 but capitulated and said I could come at 4:30. when I got there she barely let me talk and cut me off at the knees when I tried to say anything. Why the hell did she make me drive across town in the 40C heat??? She is a control freak.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. No more messing with my head. She had occasions where she could be quite nice but she can GET STUFFED. I am not beholden to this woman for a reference or anything else career wise. I am glad that I had another boss who was normal and nice, he shouted us lunch today.

This morning I went for a run-walk, before the heat turned up. Was a bit tired the rest of the day.

Made a bewdiful chicken salad with macadamias and a spicey yoghurty dressing for dinner. Yumm.

New thing I love: Sheeps milk yoghurt. Very smooth tasting and creamy and doesn’t give me sinusitis like cows milk yoghurt does.

Back to work (reluctantly)


Mercifully, a fairly easy day.

After work: Pilates – great workout, wasn’t as hard as last week.

Think I will go for run before work rather than attend running group; will be 40degrees tomorrow. And I will be on call so this lowers the likelihood of me getting there.

I have just joined calorie king. I probably eat too much fat and not enough protein, though my kilojoule intake was good. It is a great thing and best of all, free!

Dinara Safina and Jelena playing now…..they are 1 set each and 4 games each in the third….can’t bear to watch, too exciting!!!! Hope she wins!!

Sassy’s big day out.


A great day at the tennis yesterday.

We got ground passes for the day and stuck our bums on seats in Margaret Court arena. First match was mixed doubles between Samia Mirza and another Indian vs a Russian and an Aussie. Second match was men’s doubles involving Mardy Fish. Third match: Sam Stosur/Renae Stubbs vs the Mighty Williams Sisters. 

The first set, the aussies put up a great fight but it was all over to V and S in two sets. Those Williams girls are like lady warriors, they whack the ball hard, they grunt loudly on hitting the ball, Serena brandishes her racquet like a weapon. I would be frightened of them. Venus looks quite tall and lanky and Serena is shorter and quite stocky. They look quite different to on telly.

Then, after this big dose of UV radiation, Kath and I wandered into the city. We went and looked at stuff then went to MoVida for dinner. One word – Yum. The churros, though, were disappointing; better churros can be had at Chocolateria san churro where they serve actual chocolate, not drinking choc, with the donuts.

Back to Rod Laver for the Jelena/Kleybanova match. Awesome game, Jelena did some brilliant shots but marred by a few too many unforced errors. She took the 1st set, went down in the second then to tiebreak in the third, so a very exciting and tense game. Kath and I were seated in the nosebleed section, seeing many empty seats in the front we thought we might sneak down. An elderly couple discovered our game and we were ejected back to the nosebleed section. Nice try though. The crowd atmosphere was phenomenal and we went apeshit when Jelena won.

Saw Novak and Marcos tough it out after but only stayed for the first two sets. Got home after a large taxi wait at about 0130 hours. 

Plan for next year – get better seats!

Today – hopefully a long run!


Addit 1830hrs: Run. 

Went for a run westward down the CCT into royal park, was again thwarted by track constructions and ended up running back another way through royal park past the zoo. Boy, it was a hilly workout and I ended up run-walking. No long run for the week but I still think I have done well by mixing it up.

Sassy is excited.


She is going to the tennis tomorrow with her friend Kath.

We have ground passes for the day. Serena and Venus will be playing doubles with Sam Stosur and another Aussie. In the evening, we head off to Rod Laver to see Jelena Dokic and the Russian lass play, followed by Marcos Baghdatis and Novak Djokavic. Very exciting!!!

Today I went out with the intention of running 90 minutes on the CCT, eastbound from Princes Park. I got off-track around Rushall station (where does it go, dammit) and wound up going down freakin’ Hoddle street. Dang. Brunny to Collingwood – not a bad run, abt 5.5 km but I walked into Carlton and bought some stuff for our picnic.

Went for a picnic in Trentham with Hubby and the brother and mother in law. Was good, only ate a few choccies. Won’t be needing much for dinner. Managed to get our hands on some good coffee afterwards and bought a present for the baby shower, Sophie Le Girafe, a little toy shaped like a giraffe which apparently offers multi-sensory stimulation, essentially, a chew toy for bubs. Apparently every bubba in France has one. She probably won’t get another one of those.

Off to the tennis tomorrow so no exercise planned, will try and do the CCT west bound from prinny, fewer roads to cross I think. They just disturb my rhythm.

Hiding in the office….


….writing my blog, ducking out of sight when people walk by. I am very easily found, though. Dang.

Am on call again tonight. Dang #2. Have achieved quite a bit at work today, have had a second wind this week. Yey

Running training last night, 1km repeats. Very hot! Did my first sub-6minute km, which is probably the usual for most people.

Went to see the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” last night. Two words: Fucking Awesome! Probably one of the best films I have ever seen. My friend Amy had some tix and her hubby didn’t wanna go so she invited me. We had a lovely dinner out afterwards.

Am off out for dinner tonight with  Mr. Sassy and a whole bunch of other Head-Shrinkers in training. Interesting.

I need to start a food diary. I think I am sneaking in crap most days. No good. Though the skirt I had tailored in VietNam is a little looser around the butt and thighs or maybe I am dreaming.

Methinks I need a power-nap.

Addit 2230hrs: 

Just went out to dinner and ate a big steak with mash and some fries. A glass of wine. A giant freddo frog to chase. My second choc for the day. Am having a bad one. Yep, time for a food diary. There is some news on that low carb diets are best. What do people think? I am a carb-addict.

Sat across from one of hubby’s female colleagues. She was a curvy girl, bigger than me, but very sexy (objectively from a female point of view). Very confident. Bed-hair and long mascara-ed eyelashes. Big bust jutting out proudly. She was comfortable in her skin and her hubby clearly appreciated the curves. Dang, wish had bigger boobs, could carry off my curves better as they would match my big curvy butt. 🙂 It is clear that, within limits, size and sexiness are independent of each other.

The crankypants are off now.


I had a decidedly shithouse day at work today. I was in a foul mood by 11am and people only shat me more. By 1pm I was on the phone telling my hubby (home with his cracked rib) that I wanted to come home. I sucked it in and stayed. The day went very slowly. Then somebody at the other hospital asked me to do something and it made me more angry. I said no. The power of no.

The good thing was that I didn’t inhale a heap of choccies because of the stress. Onward and upward 🙂

Then I went to pilates for the first time in a couple of months, jeez, the transversus abdominus has atrophied! My hammies are tight. But I breathed out the crankiness and I am feeling much better now. Hurricane Katrina spared us some whup-ass tonight and let us have a good stretch at the end.

The other thing that helped stop my angry-patch was booking tickets for the tennis, on sunday, ground pass during the day, Rod Laver at night. We are in the nosebleed section but who cares, I’m going to go to the tennis with my friend Kath! I have always wanted to go!

A lazy night in front of the telly is planned…..

BTW I will go to the baby shower but only for an hour, unless I am particularly enjoying it. There is only so much one can coo over miniature clothing, as much as I like babies.

Sassy, the piker.


I have given run training a miss today as 

A. it is still 36 degrees outside

B. I am bloated, probably from eating immoderately at Hellenic Republic. I cannot go near naked flame (ok, TMI there)

C. I am still recovering from yesterday’s long run.

D. Mr. Sassy has cracked a rib and he needs sympathy.

I will give it 100% on Weds.

Also, I have a dilemma. You may remember that I had an old school friend that I recently caught up with. We were best friends in high school but had a major falling out when I was at uni. We have gotten back in contact recently, and she is preggers. She has invited me to her baby shower. My inclination is not to go, for several reasons:

A. I don’t feel like I have much at all in common with her.

B. I will have even less in common with her other friends. I have met a few of them previously.

C. The baby shower is on my birthday! (30th, on the 1st of March)

D. I am thinking of doing a fun run on that day to crack my 8km PB (but could do both).

E. It is in Werribee, I grew up there so I have nothing in particular against it but it is a frickin long way away.

But the reasons pushing me to go are

A. I would feel like an arsehole if I didn’t. It is an innocent fetus!

B. I may not have a lot to talk about with her, but she is a nice girl.

C. Mr. Sassy says I should have the practice for when I have kids

D. My mum, who has also been invited, wants me to go.

I could compromise by going and explaining that I can only stay an hour???

Anyone have any thoughts??

Work today, had a meeting. I was very bloated and uncomfortable but it is very bad manners to break wind in a meeting. I just sat there with my face screwed up most of the time, hope people forgave me for it. I am just a bogan in doctors clothing. 🙂