Spare time….


I got my ethics submission in on Wednesday. This was after many last minute changes, scrambling about for signatures, making 27 copies of multi-page documents (3 reams of paper, and I did double sided copying). There was lots of bitching, moaning and cussing (mine), along the lines of “this photocopying is bullshit, waste of my time, I am not a fecking secretary, waste of paper, why can’t they do this electronically” etc etc etc. But it’s done.

Grant, check, ethics, check – I cannot do any more until I get the ethics back, probably with loads of corrections. Now I have spare time. I have been given a review to write for a journal – Prof. gets invited to write review articles, and he handed one along to me. I get to be first author. A good feather in my cap.

The article is meant to be something to do with “wholegrains, legumes and health”. My plan is to challenge the theory that wholegrains are essential or particularly healthy – I am finding the whole “paleo diet” thing is coming into prominence in the medical literature, with some very respected researchers leading the way. One of the authors of these articles was a fellow from Sweden, who has co-authored over 700 peer reviewed medical papers, and has come to give a lecture to us.

I shall let you know how this goes.

On a different topic, my Movin’ in March efforts have been successful – there are times when I would have liked to pike out, but did a short walk with my hubby/dog anyway. It is about consistency, not necessarily smashing it out all the time. If I can pull the month off, it will be the most consistent I have ever been. Already it is 18 days with exercising every day, and I am not finding it too onerous.

Speaking of smashing it out, I have been doing the PT thing this week. He is good. He is Californian, is improbably enthusiastic in the early mornings, talks quite a lot, often about the same thing over and over, but he is worth the money. He has given me “homework”, with cardio/body weight efforts. I will write them up on the site. I did them today – I found where my weak spots were (hip flexors??). I also ran at “his” pace  – his pace is my sprint pace. I nearly spewed. Luckily I hadn’t eaten anything, just had staminade.

I have not been weighing myself, but I had a good look in the mirror with my workout gear on – I am seeing my “thin” self coming through – I am definitely looking more streamlined. I am feeling good.

This weekend – bike and picnic with hubby on Sat, Long run on sunday. I am looking forward to it.

Have a good weekend, friends 🙂

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  1. Ah yes, I only met your PT a couple of times and he definitely did most of the talking!

    Hmm, but I LOVE wholegrains, as long as the research doesn’t say they will do something terribly awful too me I suppose I’ll just keep eating them.

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