Doing a lot of things….


but none of them are really work.

I am working on my ahem tirade against grains, have an outline up for that. I find that my motivation for writing (apart from on this blog, where I spout plenty of drivel) can ebb and flow a bit. I have gotten my hands on a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes – my boss is lending his to me, he got it sent to him. This will help me.

I have done my exercise for the day with the PT who opened me up a big can of whup-ass. We did 3 laps of Gilpin park, or 3k. I did them in 20:03, which is good for me, esp at 0600. My first kilometre, which was meant to be a warm up, was 7:25, so that is about 6:18 per kilometre for the last 2. On Friday, I have to see if I can better that.

I went to real work this morning, to earn some $, then detoured via Northland. I tried on some suits, but the 12 was still a bit tight.

I am trying to eat very consciously after the feeding frenzy this past weekend. Though, come to think of it, this feeding frenzy was similar to the status quo previously, so I have gotten better, at least in attitude. I was craving sweet stuff after an early lunch today (had brekky early after PT), so I had a small choccy rather than a big hot cross bun or big choccy. I am monitoring these things. I will need to stop using the TOM excuse (well, until next month).

Tonight is a ‘puter free night with hubby – we may play a game of old-skool (as opposed to iPhone) scrabble.

Speaking of ‘puters, I need a new laptop. I get a continuing education allowance, so I can buy one. I am going to get a Mac. Any suggestions from the Mac-o-philes out there?


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  1. GCBD seems such a well-researched book, but it is very heavy going. I still haven’t finished it. I’d be interested to hear what you reckon.

    I’m going to buy a 13″ MacBook Air. I can’t tell you much about it, but it is simply the sexiest little computer I’ve ever seen, and only weighs 1.3kg so will be almost not noticeable in my backpack as I ride to work!

  2. Hi Doc,
    We bought a “macbook” at xmas from JB – only $1100, it is very good and does all we need – it also includes airport extreme which enables you to wirelessly network 50 other computers (both PC & Macs) though god only knows why you’d need 50!

  3. Any Mac is a good Mac – the MacBook pro range is pretty awesome, it all depends on whatvyou are going to use it for. The guys at the Apple stores are very helpful in working out which one is best for your needs.

  4. I’ve got a MacBook, didn’t need the pro because I don’t do stuff that needs the grunt or memory. My little brother has a pro but then again he has over 26,000 files in iTunes (he’s a music student).

    A MacBook should do the business for you, just make sure you get Windows for Mac so you can run Word and Excel, also as you will be working on you Phd invest in an external hard drive so you can back up your work.

  5. Computer free night- I like that. I think that’s important to have!

    Secondly- I’ve got a Macbook Pro and it’s never done me wrong. They’re amazing machines.

    But to clarify what Em said above- it’s not Windows for Mac you need (that’s technically called Bootcamp) it’s Microsoft Office for Mac that has the normal Office package if you need it. Otherwise your Mac may come with what’s called “Pages” and some other thing which is the Mac equivalent of Office. Each to their own- I have Office for my Mac cos I’m so used to it.

  6. Ahh yeah – word for Mac, I have a mental block and always say windows for mac, then again I also call the lawn mover a vacuum cleaner, I have some mis firing synapses

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