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chillin” in changi!


It is  0645 in singapore. I feel very buoyant for a lass who has had no sleep.

We managed to squeeze ourselves into the earlier flight today, so we get to see Angkor wat properly!

Here at changi there is a transit hotel, so we can shower, s**t, shave and sleep (in 6 hour blocks).

We have just had a grease filled brekky as Mr. Sassy felt he could not go on without “proper” food.

I had a free electronic foot massage

It’s happy days. St. Christopher has smiled upon us.

God bless Changi Airport. As Mr Sassy said, it is the “Anti-perth”. Our piddly airports could learn a thing or two from SE asia. It has free wireless internet!!

God bless Singapore, and God bless the fact that there are no impending Coups d’etat here.

God bless the internet. It never says “no, you can’t book the trip”. It is the great equaliser.


I feel like a contestant on race around the world.

8 Hours in Perth Airport.


And am bored  shitless. still, we have managed to get away.

we fly off to singapore tonight, haggle our way onto an early flight to siem reap and she’ll be right. Worst comes to worst we need to take a night in Singapore (and only get half a day in Angkor, bugger!!!).

am blogging on Mr. Sassy’s teensy computer.

Have made  many laps about this pitiful excuse for an airport…bought a book, a mag (my favourite, who weekly, is a week behind here in the west) and some inflatable pillows.

BTW it is our 4th Wedding anniversary! We have lapped some hollywood relationships.

Travel – up in the air


Damn Thai anti-government protesters!!!

Our flights are scheduled for today at 1630…..we don’t know whether this will happen as Bangkok Airport is in lockdown.


We will just have to sit tight and wait…..

Addit: 1815 hrs – Flight has been cancelled, as has later one. We have been to see travel agent and may be able to fly out tomorrow night….not much on tour missed.

The new improved running sassy – now with gears and competitive spirit.


Went to running training today for last time before hols.

Did a drill where me and another girl did 1.5 km at normal pace, then ran back with the aim to be a minute faster.

This girl was faster and fitter than me in the beginning.

I beat her in the last 1.5 km by 7 seconds!!!

My times were: 1st: 10:07, 2nd: 9:15.


Thanks for all the encouragements on my last post. In reply to Tony – I will aim for the half in June next year and see how I go. I am keen to avoid all injury. I have found a buddy to do some long runs with (Shells from the forum).

I have a goals page like all the ‘serious’ runners do. Check it out and comment if you like.

2 days to v and c….have my antimalarials. Couldn’t concentrate at work today.

A better than frickin’ awesome run!


I called my last SiS run frickin’ awesome, and this one was better.

The weather looked menacing but it held out for us.

I started well back, about a minute after the horn.

A slow first 4 km in about 28 and a half minutes.

A slow 5th K.

Ramped it up at about 5.5km, walked through the drink station and ramped it up further.

6th and 7th K were pretty fast. 

8km I flew through, running up the birrarung marr hill. 

Finished in 57:25 by my watch, which is a PB by about a minute from last time. Not bad 1 week after bronchitis.

I am very happy 🙂

3 days to V and C.

Addit 2142 hrs: Have just seen “Spirit of the Marathon” via the tix that I won. Soooo gonna do a marathon. Maybe next year’s melb marathon????

Fingers and toes crossed.


The weather forecast is crapola for SiS3.

I really wanna go….but don’t wish to trudge about in driving wind and rain…..

Just came back from seeing Nanna again, my auntie and cousin were telling me that she was not well and I needed to see her, but if anything she was better than last time. She has new hearing aids which help her immensely. She is very cute and funny in her own way. She knew me, but not hubby. She commented on what a good looking bloke he is and said I was very lucky. I think the main issue with auntie is that she cannot handle the fact that nanna is deteriorating (it’s nobody’s fault) and my cousin is a bit of an angry person. She has been sending angry letters to the facility in which my nanna lives. I made a point of telling Nanna’s carers that they were doing a good job, they obviously care for her and have known her all their lives (small country town). Honey attracts more flies than vinegar.

Had dinner at auntie’s house last night, she cooked a pavlova, as per special request from me. It was my favourite childhood food. I had a shitload of it and between the 5 of us we finished it off. Yummmmm.

4 more days to Nam and Cam. Antimalarials were out of stock at the pharmacy, need to go back and get them.

Early night tonight. The contingency exercise plan is step class. I love it. It sends me to my happy place.

6 days till ‘Nam and Cam.


That is Vietnam and Cambodia. Very exciting.

Went to running training last night, much better for having let the spot of bronchitis subside. I would like to get a run in tomorrow morning before work – I am doing SiS 3 on Sunday and want it to be a sub-58 minute run. 
Yes – Sub 58 minutes.

It is good to see others are romantics too! It is not dead!

Got haircut last night – very chic, sort of cut into the back and longer at the front. One of the owners of the salon I go to has a dog, a staffordshire terrier, called Peaches. The dog could be considered a friendly member of staff as she is always there and patting her is the best thing about going to the hairdresser (that, and the head massage and the odd tipple of wine).

Went to see James B(l)ond film tonight after work – always good to perve on Daniel Craig but the last one was better – more of a storyline and more cool action sequences.

Ugggh. Tired. Will go to bed but need to check that Mr. Sassy is doing his essay. It is due tomorrow.

Following your heart (to Pakistan).


This is an uncharacteristically sappy post. I think it is a nice story, so I will tell it anyway.

There is a lass who I work with who is junior to me, who I helped train for her exam, and we became friends. She passed it and is set to take over my job next year.

She has often come to me for advice – very flattering but somewhat scary.

I saw her in the tea room today and noted that she had lost some weight. She said “I need to talk to you”.

She told me about the fellow who it would appear that she has fallen in love with. She said, with a sparkle in her eye “I’ve never felt this way before”. Cliched, I know, but I knew she meant it, she is not one given to exaggeration.

The problem is, said fellow lives in Pakistan (my friend is Pakistani) and is unable to get a job in Australia, dang financial crisis.

The problem is that she would have to give up the job she has gotten which she really wanted to do.

My response – “Go to Pakistan”.

That was my heart. I saw how she looked when she spoke about this fellow.

I went on: “A person in your position does not go without a job, you will get one here when you get back. It may not be the exact one you wanted, but you will be happy with it. There are lots of jobs out there, but love does not come along very often. And even if it does not work out, you can come back and you have lost little.”

I am more of a romantic than I thought. A pragmatic romantic, I would like to think, but a romantic.

We discussed a few ways that she could make it work and she was very happy. She did not look forward to telling the bosses. I asked her if he would keep his promise to her (you hear it time and time again, woman follows her heart halfway around the world, man dumps her). His family are involved, this is a prelude to a proposal of marriage in Pakistan. Her mum adores him – always a good sign.

I would be invited to the wedding – how interesting, a wedding in Pakistan!

Better go now, have pilates tonight.

But I am in a good mood 🙂

A spot of wanton shopping


A loverly weekend.

Friday night – went to dinner as a farewell to hubby’s boss, the professor of psychiatry. He is one of the most high profile headshrinkers in Australia and has created a lot of good publicity (and moolah) to mental health causes. He has friends in high places. Bloody good free feed though!

Saturday – took the ausrunners advice and went for a long run, except did about 7km instead of 10 and walked about half of it. It cleared out the sinuses (thankyou Andrew). Had a big nap in the arvo and then went to a mate’s place for dinner, his wife is an awesome cook. Hubby wanted to go to the city to do some shopping but I said “I don’t wanna go shopping, I always spend too much cash”.

Sunday – Big sleep in, till 11:30, thankyou very much. Then went to Melbourne Central. Me in Melb Central is like a kid in a candy store. Love it. All my favourite shops. I spied a jacket that I wanted in Cue and went back to buy it. Then I asked the sales assistant where she got her trousers from and were they current season. Then, after trying them on, I asked what tops would go well with that. And you can just imagine how it proceeded. I came out with the jacket, pants and 5 tops. The salesladies were very helpful and obliging. After learning the price, I said “surely since I have spent so much, I should get a discount card or something?” They giggled and said “If you promise to shop here, we will give you 10% off”. So they did. Wahey. Then I toodled off to witchery, country road and nine west, picking up more spoils along the way.

Mr. Sassy, you were told.

Have got a bit of a cough, hope it doesn’t interfere with my training tomorrow.

10 days to vietnam and cambodia! Yey.