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Back in the saddle.


yesterday, work :(, got called a few times in the morning. Then went to Northland, it is turning into a mini-chaddy or doncaster, except with more bogans and no mimco. But there are some good new shops there. I had one of those cheap chinese massages which got me very relaxed (i.e. the sensation of just before sleeping), except for when she pushed on tight bits. Then I yelped.

Then I spent the evening in St Kilda for my bro’s 25th birthday. It was good to see him, but the food was average and a bit overpriced. My brother kept getting given shots from his birthday guests, which smelled like a mix between mouthwash and ouzo (his girlfriend and their friends are greek).

Candy was a naughty girl yesterday. Hubby left her inside and she upturned the bin, and then jumped up on the counter, took down a carton of eggs to her bed, then cracked the eggs open and slurped the yolks out. That requires pretty good planning for a canine. We really must remember to make sure she is out when we go out.

This morning, Jay and I ran the 8.4km event for SiS2. My left butt/hammy/ITB was giving me a bit of tightness (I think I have an ITB neurosis, everyone else has ITB problems so I think I do too). But Jay talked/sang/encouraged me through it and we finished in a decent time, a little faster per km than last years SiS 2, then I was lighter and had been running more.

The plan this week is to do some interval training. Mebbe on the dreadmill.

Am starting a new rotation tomorrow and am looking forward to it.

Bugger! Am missing Glee!


but would rather rabbit on self-absorbedly. 🙂

To start with small talk – gee, the weather has been good! Not freezing my tits off!

Been a reasonable week at work. Was gonna say good but that is too strong a word. But no dramas.

I have been for a run, plan to go for another – maybe tomorrow, def on Sunday. Will be doing the 4 or the 8.4k spring into shape with Jaykay. It is good therapy as I associate running with thinking nice thoughts about myself.

Today, I did a 90 minute lecture. 90 minutes, I tell you! I talked continuously for 90 minutes! No wonder my jaw was a bit sore at the end. But it rakes in 900 buckeroos for me. that is 100 bucks for 10 minutes. (well that doesn’t count the work that I did on the presentation). I was presenting to physician trainees at Melbourne university.

On the topic of Melb Uni, it has become far too sanitary. It is lacking the character that it had when there was no VSU and the lefties ran the student union. I only saw one hairy lady with dreadlocks! The kids were all very well dressed and all looked very clean cut with not a hint of self-righteous poverty about them. No gay couples holding hands. No interesting graffiti on the dunny walls. I used to enjoy reading that. And Donut King has taken up residence in the Union Building. Curses!

On the upside, though, I bought a can of coke zero and it was only a buck fifty.

I am currently finishing off a book called “A fraction of the whole” by Australian author Steve Toltz. A good read but a long one. I like reading, it is cheaper than shopping as a hobby! 🙂

Looking forward to the weekend and to catching up with JK, though am on call on the weekend.

Have to catch up with mum, am taking her to see a movie. I think I just need to be there for her.

Sydney Weekend 1 of 2


Well I have just returned from my weekend in Sydney. Great lectures, very educational. Great dinner last night – Seafood buffet with dessert buffet with chocolate fountain (not together, of course!!). How does a 2 course dessert sound?

And yes, I got on the tready at the hotel and did a good honest 20 mins at a good speed. I feel with this 2nd wind at running I am a bit faster. Hopefully I can go just as long.

As I type this I am watching idol, baffled at Liza Minelli. I hate to be a cynic but I smell a big whiff of her hangers on saying “you are running out of moolah so get your painkiller addled arse back out there on a show that has jumped the shark”. I feel sorry for her, she seems to have difficulty speaking. She should be at home taking care herself. But it is lovely to hear the Judy Garland husk in her voice.

My Issues

  • I had a call from my brother on Friday saying that he was worried about our mum. To cut a long story short, she has had a rough time at work, she is off on workcover. She is now obsessed with “taking down” her workplace but still wants to work there. She has taken to looking stuff up on the web about the laws and sending nasty emails to people. I worry that it is the beginning of a downfall in her, because she is not doing anything else but this.
  • The weight. Ahhh, that old chestnut. I have banged on and waxed lyrical before. my head up against the proverbial brick wall. And little, if anything, changes. I had a small epiphany of sorts a few weeks back but it has come to nothing really. It is weight on my hips, tummy and thighs but it mainly is a big weight on my mind because I get obsessed about it, in a terrible guilt-binge-guilt cycle. I even subconsciously aggressively pinch my tummy fat and punch my saddlebags – what gives? The weight on my mind is a burdensome thing. And even if I lost 2, 3, 4 whatever kilos, would I be happy with my body?  Probably not. And that is the big problem. I deserve to be happy with myself, regardless of what the scales say and what changes my body will go through.

So I have emailed a psychologist/hypnotherapist who has experienced in these issues. I am ready to deal with them.

Cheesecake on the brain.


Not literally. That would not be compatible with life.

All I could think about today was cheesecake. I saw some this morning and wanted some. So I had a mini cheesecake and it was delish.

I have been doing the caloriekingthing- fairly diligently staying near or within my kilojoule intake, even if the food is not so good (like on Sunday after the run) I compensate for it later in the day.

I have not seen much (any) weight drop but my pants were feeling a little looser today. Or maybe I am imagining it.

I have been lacking a bit of motivation at work this week, but felt better after helping a lady near death who was uncomfortable die in comfort. (To clarify, not euthanasia). Her family were appreciative.

Went to the gym and decided that I hated the crowds and left after 20 minutes of good honest sweaty labour on the elliptical trainer.

This evening, went to dental hygienist (i.e. other way for dental surgery to relieve me of my money). I was thinking, while I had my teeth tinkered with, whether that would be more or less pleasant than a sigmoidoscope (rectal exploration tube) without anaesthetic. It would be a fairly close call. But if it saves me from the physical and financial agony of another root canal, it is worth it.

I am now sat on the couch watching recorded NCIS. The house is clean (thankyou cleaner) and so is the dog, we bathed her on the weekend because she stank to high heaven. She is lying here snoring between me and my hubby. Happy days.

Off to sydney for weekend, staying in the Radisson with buffet breakfast. Will bring running gear – weather will be better in syd. Hold me to it, people!

I did it, did it good.


Melbourne Marathon 5 (Ha!) Km

Well I was feeling trepidation when I started off today, but I had Jay with me and, save for all the bottlenecks and folks dodging and weaving, we got a pretty good pace, about 6:30 minute kms.

We passed a few marathoners on the way to the G and I tapped one on the shoulder and said “well done”. I hope that was ok.

So whatever distance we did, I feel good, I feel pumped and most importantly, I have got the bug back!

After the run, Jay and I caught up with Shells and Andrew for some bevwahs and chips. Was good to see the marathoners running along, some looked as though they were in agony.

Anyway, I have booked myself in for the Great Australian Run 15km. I plan to do it with Shells and Jay. Should be a good way to help lose the 3.5kg (and hopefully some more) that I put on during winter.



I did my first run around prinny in aaages… and I didn’t die, in fact I did ok! Good to see I have retained some fitness from my hm days.

Well I had a bit of a schiessenhausen week but I saw a thing or two at work today to put things in perspective a bit for me.

Today was ok – office move, very little work, then half day off. Caught up with my friend Fay and her 9 month old bubba. Then had a snooze, then out for a run.

Now, Burn Notice. Yay. better go.

grumbles…..managed without chocolate or wine.


It has been a bit of a scheissenhausen few days.

Monday – saw an elderly resident of an aged care facility, was quite unwell. Family adamant that it was one of the tablets but it did not seem to be (took her off anyway). Didn’t want to know about anything else. Refused to let me give her anything to help her settle. Very upsetting. Staff at hostel attributing her agitation to “behaviour”.

Tuesday – ran late for work. Rang on mobile to say I would be late for work, nobody at work answering. Got pulled over by cops. Found that facility above had ignored my instructions with regard to above lady. Had sharp words with manager. Went into facility. Lady better but nurse very defensive. Writing notes, dating them remembered that anniversary of dad’s death. Got upset.

Today – nasty letter from above facility. Boss not helpful. Hubby home late from work for 3rd time this week (i.e.every day). Hates his boss. Hates his job.

But on the positive side I have managed to suppress the urge to binge eat. 🙂

Half day tomorrow. Also will be debriefing with other, more helpful boss.

Bring on da weekend…….will be doing 5km with Jay.

ok…..I have been SLACK!


I have been a bit slack with blogging lately……a but busy with work and all that stuff.

Some think-bytes:

  • have been doing some teaching, taking tutes for the written physicians exam. A good way of keeping on top of the knowledge is to teach it.
  • have also done a course in “advance care planning” and have had to study up for this.
  • This week has been “sleep as much as I must” week. This means that the exercise has suffered. I exercised on sunday (went and did my first run for 10 mins on the tready) and on weds (pilates) but not much else. Rather than beating myself up about it, I can say it is a. better than nothing and b. better than what most people do. And I mastered a pilates move called the “corkscrew”! Next week is going to be “do lots of exercise” week.
  • Can anybody say something inspiring about running? I have lost all motivation!
  • I am doing the 5km with Janice on MM day, not the half I had registered for, but better than piking out entirely!
  • After feeling bloated and sick a couple of weeks ago, I have gone back onto the wheat free diet. It DOES make a difference.
  • I have hidden my scales again.
  • It is fricking freezing.
  • Re: the last blog (on shopping), I did the shopping. Then I took hubby to doncaster last weekend and shopped for him. I am incorrigible.
  • met up with the TW gals last week, we have the name supersheilas. We are going for a training walk on sunday.
  • am on call this weekend but hope to get to dance class!
  • I have been on call 1 in 2 weekends recently whywhywhy
  • I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. It didn’t help that a lot of ppl that I met with today had put their stupid on.
  • I have a spouse of a patient angry with me today because I told them their spouse was not dying (and put it in my report). They were angry with me because I had made out they were a liar, apparently. I cannot win. I had a bit of internal rage about this but, as always, it very rarely is about me and there are usually a million other things they are angry about……I am just a convenient target.
  • Fish and chips for tea tonight……this lot home deliver. Whoopee dooo!
  • I am going to Sydney for a weekend teaching session on Gerries. Am looking forward to it.
  • Am similarly looking forward to some wine tonight.