Monthly Archives: January 2013

Ok Kath…..


I was stalking Kath’s blog errr procrastinating errr catching up when I found out Kath tagged me for a Liebster prize or some such…


And these are the questions:

  1. What’s the weirdest thing you have in your handbag/wallet? A yellow highlighter. Yes I know. It’s boring.
  2. Where do you plan to travel this year? I have already travelled to Cuba. Just got back. I will post deets soon. But I would like to travel to Turkey. Or (EEEK) go to Bali. One of the classy bits like Seminyak. Pleeze. I is a classy Sheila.
  3. Tragedy strikes and you are stranded with your phone.  Who is the first person you call? Mike. Or Mum. Easy.
  4. What is the one thing you plan on doing in 2013 to maintain or get fit? I have registered for Run for the Kids. To train, I will take my butt back to running training, even though I feel a bit ashamed of my loss of fitness and weight I have put on. I need to get over self-shaming. I just need to get on with it. Also doing some stand up paddleboarding and bushwalking.
  5.  If you had to quit TV and other drama watching apart from one show, what would it be? Hmmmm…..Big Bang Theory. Love those Geeks
  6. Who was your teenage crush? Celebrity: John Farnham (age 9), Richard Marx (aged 10), Lorry D’Ercole (obscure, off E Street, age 13), Jason Priestley (13), Daniel Craig (33 – what? I still feel like a teenager. Non-celebrity: Warrick, Stephen – from School. Ergh.
  7. How do you take your coffee? In my mouth?… In bed, At work and at various cafes.
  8. Best place to go for dinner in your town? Recent Favourite: The Estelle in Northcote.
  9. What’s the one thing – clothes or makeup item – you can’t live without? Recently discovered the lure of the eyelash curler. With Mascara, of course. My lashes are pale and thin but long.
  10. Do you drive to the airport to pick people up or tell them to get a cab? Pick them up.
  11. What is the one thing is guaranteed to make you lose your shit? I am fairly chillaxed. Usually it takes a number of things.