8km Super Sunset Series Princes Park – 55:30


I was not feeling good about this one.

  • The weather was shit (humid, 28 degrees at 7pm)
  • I had all my little niggles come visit me today – my knee, my hip, my ITBs, my plantar fasciitis. All of them.
  • It was night and I am a morning runner.

Well, I thought, naah, just go for it. Do what you can.

I tried a tempo. Early in the race, I thought I would try to get under 7 min kms all the way.

Well, I went great guns for the first 4 – 5 km – all well under 7 min km. At the halfway point I was on track for a pb.

Then at the 6th and 7th km, something happened. Got tired and lost my mojo, and had to walk a few times. Even so, with the walking, it was still under 8 min kms.

I nearly gave up then, and walked the whole way back.

Then I thought, no, no, I can run. If I get under 56 minutes, that will be under 7 min kms.

I picked it up in the last kilometre, and finished in 55:30. On the home stretch, I got a few “go girl”, “keep going”.

I ran as fast as I could for the last 50km, and even did a “biggest loser” scream. Thinking that it would feel good. I felt slightly foolish. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

I finished in 55:30 – I did not turn off the watch until about 15 sec after I finished – that was time chasing away the urge to hurl.


My plan for the next coupla weeks -stay off the running, to let the ITB and knees and shins settle (periodising training), but doing plenty of bike/elliptical/pool.

For my birthday, which is coming up in a coupla weeks, I might ask birthday santa for some personal training sessions – I might need a bit of a gentle kick up the proverbial to get faster. It is hard to push yourself, sometimes you need help.

Dinner tonight was cheese on toast and a glass of wine, because I CBF’ed cooking dinner. Hubby is out at a trivia night. I thinks I might sleep well tonight.

Thrilled to get a text from my GF Phillipa!!!

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  1. YAY for under 7 min kms! I knew you’d rock it!!!

    I jumped up and down like a maniac when I finished my half – no Biggest Loser screams, but who knows what I’ll do on April 17 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Well done Cilla. Twas a hot steamy night, and not ideal for a run, so well done on getting through it (Told you you’d get a PB didn’t I?).
    Rest up now. The best thing for ITB is rest, so you’ve made a good call there. Bike, swim or pool running would be good to keep the cardio workouts going. If you can get into a regualar group or get a regular running partner you will find you can improve even further.
    Great job my friend.

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