Exercise Excuses (and their rebuttals)


Happy Valentine’s peeps

I’ve a bit of a crush on the Commando, from the Biggest Loser. Looks like Daniel Craig, only hotter, I think. To quote a friend, I wouldn’t mind getting sweaty and him grabbing me by the back of the neck and saying “focus”………hmmm…

Ok – back to the point. His catchphrase is “No excuses”.

I realise I make a lot of excuses regarding exercise

Here they are, and some counter-claims

“I’m too hungry” Exercise in morning. Also, hunger won’t kill me, I just can’t smash myself. Have some nuts (like the edible ones, not a euphemism for testicles).

“I’m too tired.” Exercise is usually refreshes me, I can always do a gentle workout, because a gentle workout is better than none. Get to bed earlier, girl. Get and walk the dog with your hubby, it is Quality Time.

“The gym will be too crowded.” Suck it up, Princess, get on some other equipment.

“I’ve eaten poorly today, no point.” Hello, exercise is about physical and mental health, not about the calories burned. And a good lesson to learn to eat well for performance.

“It will hurt.” I know the difference between good hurt and bad hurt, and good hurt/discomfort makes me stronger

“I have no time.” Well, smartypants, how about get off Facebook. Or do some weights

“My back/knee/foot is gammy.” Get to the pool/yoga/stretches. Ride that bike you have!

“I’m scared of going on the roads on my bike because of cars, falls off, punctures.” Get to the tracks, take the mobile, get good tires on the bike.

“The pool is yucky, too many stray bandaids” Do backstroke so you don’t see the mess.

Anywho – anyone got anything else?

A good day at the office today – got my grant finished, budget done (a looooooot of money but apparently that’s the going rate for a clinical trial and staff.)




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  1. I have a secret crush on Michelle too!

    My biggest excuse is “no need to get up now, this bed is nice and warm, exercise tonight instead”. Most times the evening exercise does happen, so I guess it is not too bad.

  2. I have to study for my kanji test! That’s always my excuse. I’ve not thought of any rebuttal for it yet (except for maybe — it’s not like I’m going to pass anyway). Maybe I could learn to study kanji while on the treadmill!

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