Pushing out of my comfort zone – the Nike Principle


ie Just do it.

And damn, it feels….scary but good.

Some things I have done recently:

  • Starting a PhD while getting over a nasty bout of depression
  • Writing a research grant and budget etc with no idea what I was doing
  • Getting big gun professors on board for the PhD(who knew some big guns could actually be…nice and normal)
  • Running as fast as I could on hot, humid evenings (recent fun run). Running till I feel the urge to spew
  • Agreeing to bike into work despite fear of being gravely injured. (I will be careful). Pulling my finger out and getting my bike fixed.
  • Cutting down carbs in the evening. I don’t have potato or bread at night and NOTHING BAD HAPPENS. Who knew?
  • Having a smoothie for breakfast despite fear that liquids in the morning will not fill me up during the day. It does. Who knew?
  • Not being afraid of being hungry. A little hunger is good. It is the feeling of my arsefat being eaten.
  • Chucking food out rather than stuffing it in my belly when I am full, because my body is not a rubbish bin. Case in point, last night, after dinner, Hubby and I went for gelati. They gave me rather a lot, and I savoured it, and listened to my belly closely, and chucked the last quarter of the icecream out when I was full. This would previously caused me a lot of anxiety.
  • Having a juice – orange, carrot, ginger and….wait for it….fennel!

Doing this reaps great rewards – I am feeling better by the day!

However, it cannot all be thrills and spills, sometimes I need a little something gentler, more nurturing. I did a pilates class this morning, nice and gentle, I feel good. My tummy muscles have atrophied a bit, though.

Now, something to make you chuckle, on the point of getting out of the comfort zone

New wonder drug

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  1. Don’t forget all big guns were little cap guns once upon a time and one day you may supervise a PhD student who will be similarly inspired by you 🙂

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