When I saw her standing there.


Know that song by the Beatles?

Perfect cadence for 6 minute kilometres on the tready.

I went to the Gym today to do some running (I know, it’s the tready, but I wanted to go to the gym). Plus some upper body work.

I did a bit of speedwork. I was proud of myself, especially since I was feeling a bit sick.

Why did I feel sick?

My fault.

I had been craving cake all week, but had not had any (well maybe a sliver of home-made fruitcake). I wanted something flourless, like a friand.

I went to my local bakery/patisserie to look for a little something. They had a piece of flourless chocolate and pistachio cake. That would do nicely, I thought. I had it with a cup of earl grey tea. It was a smallish slice, and I even left a bit.

I got home. Felt tired. Probably sugar crash.

I went to the gym, and the damn cake sat in my tummy like a rock. I have been suffering from very severe reflux recently (am booked in for a gastroscope next Monday).

I am officially now put off flourless chocolate cake. When I was running on the tready today, I came about the closest I have ever gotten to vomiting. It took a major feat of mental strength not to do it (the gym people probably wouldn’t clean the spew, anyway).

I put in a good workout despite not having the best fuel.

I actually find that heavy carbohydrates for lunch really make me sleepy in the afternoon. Hence a protein based lunch is better, but I don’t like tinned tuna. Boiled eggs get a bit tiresome too.

Anyone got good lunch ideas?

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  1. I have tuna & salad with beans or a wrap with chicken and salad. And lately I have been having my dinner meal at lunch and a smaller meal at dinner, but you really have to be home to do this – not sure it would work at work.
    Spewy feeling while working out could also be put down to the exertion – I often feel spewy in the gym.
    Re cakes: I had a half of a mocha ring (I used to have these years ago) today and i thought I was gonna chuck it up – it was so sweet – I don’t remember them being that sweet way back when… they probably were and I am now just not used to sweet stuff.

  2. Thanks so much for the phone call today, it means a lot to me that you cared enough to do that!

    For lunch I usually have a big salad with cheese and a can of tinned fish mixed through it for the protein. My current favorite tinned fish is the one with the “Sea salt and cracked pepper”, I think it is Greenseas brand. Do you think you would be okay with the tinned fish mixed through the salad? What about salmon?

    We often have a friand with a coffee too.

  3. Two of my favourite lunches lately have been –

    1. The best ever minestrone soup that I have dubbed “marathon minestrone” with wholegrain pasta and two types of beans in it….it’s so delicious. I will put the recipe up soon but if you want it sooner you let me know 😉

    2. Homemade multigrain bread with a nut cutlet, chutney and lots of salad, inc carrot and sprouts. And japanese mayo. Soooo nice!!

    Wonderful to see your lovely face on Skype today 🙂 xoxox

  4. Ughh, I’ve paid the price for an afternoon chocolate or cake indulgence too, nothing worse than that feeling of it repeating on you when you are running intervals!! But I never learn 🙄

    Chicken Salad? Lots of nice leafy greens and some grilled chook with tomatoes and avocado thrown in.

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