Hell frickin YEAH.


It has been a tough week, and I have just had a chat with somebody I pay (bloody good money) to care!

Psychologically, I walk the line (triangle?) between trying my best, aiming for approval and giving up because it just isn’t good enough. I rely too much on external validation for my self-worth, rather than just giving myself a good hard pat on the back.

I have just read a blog called Oh She Glows. All credit to the author for this, but I thought I would share it (and take a big part for me).

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~Theodore Roosevelt



1) Predict the future

2) Control other people’s actions, thoughts, or feelings

3) Determine the outcome of my choices

However, I CAN…

1) Learn from yesterday

2) Take action today (no matter how small)

3) Plan for the future (even if the plans ultimately do not work out!)

4) Challenge myself, but never expect perfection.

5) Ask for help.

6) Eat chocolate.

Hell Yeah. I will go with this. Blog post was just what I needed.


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  1. I think I needed to read that tonight. Thanks. Gunna go click that link now, hope it doesn’t matter that I’m not a she, hope it makes me glow, even just a little.

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