QOTL 10km – 70mins something.


Woke up just before the alarm, slowly and calmly got dressed and had my smoothie for brekky. I had set out all my gear last night so was not fishing things out of the wash.

Set off at about 7:50. A frustrating drive across the city, got halfway to bloody Caulfield and then turned back. Made it to Albert Park with 10 min to spare. I realised on the way that I had forgotten my garmin watch. Dang.

I was very frazzled when I got to the Park, but I saw Tony and Shells. I pinned my race number on and went to line up to start. Just before the gun went off, I realised I forgot to put on my timing chip. DANG #2!!! I had a mad search for it, but it was a bit blowy and the chip is probably now sitting at the bottom of Albert Park lake with all the corpses.

I ended up starting with all the walkers, and there was ducking and weaving for the first 6 km.

I told myself to relax and enjoy, and actually managed to do this. I put on runkeeper, as I had my iphone with me. I remembered my first Queen of the Lake, 2 and a half years ago, and how I managed only 5km and walked half of it.

It was blowy in parts, but I followed Tony’s advice and didn’t strain into the headwind, but picked up speed with a tailwind (not that there were many!).

I felt fairly fresh at the 5km mark. I cheered on the winner; “Go Girl….I mean, Boy!” I saw him look back slightly and smile.

I saw the guy dressed entirely in red (even with a red balaclava over his head), and given that he was walking, I made him cheer me on.

There were many little hairpins, grassy bits to run over, and eroding bits to watch the ankle on, so the course was not the best.

I felt like I was going a pretty good pace, but did not completely empty the tank. I had a few niggles during – my right foot, my left hip, but altered my stride to manage them.

I got 2 phone calls during the race, both of which were from my mum. I did not answer.

I finished in 70 minutes something, the Runkeeper had the course at 9.8km.

The time is about a minute faster than my 2 previous 10km runs…..I was a bit disappointed by the time, I had thought I was quicker. But all miles in the legs, all learning experiences.

The wonderful Tony dropped me home so I didn’t have to catch public transport, which was good, because I had a mean case of butt-crack chafing, making walking uncomfortable, and showering after even more so.

I am a bit tuckered out now, and need a kip, will probably feel better after that. Tony advised more “tempo” type runs – ie doing the Prinny park fun run or something, to increase my speed – any further tips would be good – I feel I have plateaued a bit. I might give the impact exercise a miss this for the next few days, as I have a few creaky bits.


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  1. I’ve got a few creaky bits too after my run last night. Unfortunately, I think the only way to run faster, is to train faster, so Tony is probably right (he usually is where athletic pursuits are being discussed), some more tempo runs are required. The same thought was running painfully through my head as I ran last night, struggling at 5:30+ pace and thinking about my goals to run a sub-my-age 10K and break my 5km PB (which requires about 4:30 min/km). Gulp …

  2. Hey, a minute faster than the previous two is not a plateau, it’s an improvement, take it!

    Tony’s advice is absolutely spot on, tempo runs are great for building endurance. You often run to prinny do a lap and run home don’t you? So, nice gentle warm up run to prinny, up the tempo for a lap around and then a nice gentle warm down run back home again. Tempo is not straining and gasping, still comfortable(ish) so you can maintain the whole way, but just a step up from your easy pace. Some days tempo will be quicker than others, that’s cool, the idea is just to pick up a bit, the pace will vary depending on how your are feeling, it’s a bit free form that way.

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