I had a lovely day out with my mother in law today.

We met in the city, looked at some pretties, had a mocca at Koko black (chocolate and coffee mmmmm) then looked at some more pretties.

We had a lovely chat. She battles with her weight, physically and psychologically, and she is really beating herself up for having to take blood pressure tablets – she sees it as a “failure” of willpower (whatever that is).

I told her about some of the little pennies that have dropped for me.

We had a look at some more pretties, I introduced her to Mojitos (she quite liked them) and we met up with my hubby.

We then went to Il Bacaro for dinner – to celebrate the last day of hubby’s current job.

I had THE BEST dessert I have had for a while, after a small serve of tortellini.

The dessert was chocolate and hazelnut mousse, cherry semifreddo, topped with cherry granita, coconut and a ganache filled cherry on top. Hence the taste-gasm. Amazing. No guilt. I feel full.

The baguette I had from earl canteen for lunch was yummy, but think the baguette component made me bloated – salutary lesson to keep the bread minimal. I feel really good after my morning smoothies. They could do with maybe a bit more yogurt or protein powder to give them a bit more staying power. I think this no grains business has something going for it. May have to try the big-ass salad.

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  1. Big ass salads rock. If you ever want to catch up over a coffee or lunch let me know… I am unemployed currently and have time to kill till I go away to Thailand on the 21st. Hope things are on the up for you.

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