Tready PBs and the spewy feeling.


With the weather like it has been, it has been pretty hard to scrape myself of the couch to do anything, let alone the gym. Forget going outside!

But I have a goal – 10km in 60 minutes and by crikey, I am gonna do it this year.

This means 6 minute kms or more on the tready.

Thursday night, I did (among other things) 10 minutes on the tready, starting at 10 km/hr and slowly ramping it up to 11.1 km/hr. That is about 1.7km in 10 minutes, which is the furthest I have ever gone in that time. Spewy feeling after.

Yesterday, I went on the tready after a warm- up. I did 16 minutes at that speed, at which point the spewy feeling became quite strong. I had a 15 second drink break at 9 minutes. The most I have ever previously done at that speed is 15 minutes. I want to slowly make my way up to 20 minutes (then gradually up to 60). I am over 1/4 of the way there! My left hammy protested a bit at the beginning, and it has been non-ideal conditions. After I was really shaky and could not really do a cool down. But dang, was I proud of myself.

I know tready running is different to outdoors running but I find I can push myself harder on the tready, and a good way to condition the heart and lungs (and legs) to this speed.

The main barrier, I think, is managing discomfort. It is uncomfortable running at that speed, my breathing is faster than I would like. But I tell myself “don’t be afraid” and “you are doing well”. I stop when I have the spewy feeling (yesterday I had it for over a minute, then stopped running.

After, I tell myself “fuck yeah, you did AWESOME”. That is great. Soon 6 minute kms will be my comfortable speed.

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  1. 6min/kms is a good goal- I used to be able to do it! But now that I am older I have started eyeing off 6.30 min/km as my goal 😦 Good luck- I get so hot on the tready I can’t stay on there for long.

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