Extreme monday-itis.


Well that is what I am calling it. Despite a general upward trend, today, I have had an off day. I will spare details but I did not last long at work. Luckily there was not much going on so I don’t think it rocked the boat too much.

My first instinct (and actually first action) was to climb into bed and pull the doona over my head. Then I thought, well, that is not very productive, so I called hubby who cut himself loose from work, stating that his own boss took time off every time one of her children sneezed. We took the dog out for a long walk and I felt a bit more normal. Actually there are some nice hilly bits around Parkville, which I may take a trot around soon. I pottered around and did some normal autobot things (cooking dinner, doing housework).

I went and got my blood tests done – I have been so tired at times that I was convinced something was up. I slept long periods both days on the weekend.

I am semi-experienced at having these kinds of days. I know that tomorrow is a new day and that I will likely feel a lot better. Or at least functional enough to go to work.

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  1. What was it that Sir Bob and the Boomtown Rats said? “I don’t lie Mondays”?

    Hope tomorrow is better. Tuesdays usually are, and then it is hump day and you’re heading toward the weekend!

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