Civilised and mindful start to the new year.


Happy new year, everybody!

Firstly, welcome back to Shells, my little running buddy. Here is to some runs together, hopefully!

On Friday morning, Em graciously came to the People’s republic of Moreland to partake of some brekky and a chat. We had a good chat about various topics. Em enjoyed the brekky that us Brunsniks take for granted!

Hubby and I went to Hepburn Springs and saw in the new year there. Actually we were in bed by 10:30 after a couple of bevvies. I think people go to the spa country for peace and quiet, not partying. It was fairly sedate there. We went up on Friday evening. Yesterday we went into Daylesford (heaving with Bogans) and it started raining so we headed back. We had lunch with the mother in law, who drove across from Bendigo to see us. Then a snooze, a walk (where I felt compelled to take a little jog up some hills), then a degustation dinner. This morning, we went to the public spa-house in Hepburn springs, basically a pool of mineral water heated to body temperature. Supremely relaxing. A not too bad drive home (with a few people driving like dickheads, overtaking on the left when they could see I was trying to get into the left lane, etc), and a visit to an out of the way bookshop for hubby. He scored some bargains. I cannot have the monopoly on bargain hunting, can I?

Spa country is a mecca for gourmands with lots of yummies around. Eating wise, I think I did well, more because of my attitude to it than anything else. For example:

  • I ate the pavlova after lunch and did not feel guilty (home made pavlova is one of my very favourite foods). After lunch (and nap), I felt fidgety, probably the pav coursing through my veins, so I went for a big walk. Not as punishment, just because I felt like it. I even took a little run up the hills. Probably my fat brake in action (for more info on this, see anything by Amanda Sainsbury Salis.)
  • I ate the degustation menu without feeling guilty nor feeling overstuffed afterwards, I had 2 and a half drinks (very restrained for me)
  • I did not eat the full english breakfast/pastries just because they were there, I had the bircher muesli because that’s what I wanted after a big meal the night before, and the full english will be there again if I want it. It is nice to know I actually want something healthy.
  • I did not partake of any of the yummies in the minibar/ gourmet shops just because they were there, as I was not hungry (due to the pav and degustations)

It all seems a bit “so what”, but the important thing is that I am not on the “binge/guilt/restrain/punish” cycle. I feel I am beginning to trust myself around food/drink. I am not exercising for punishment. I have ferrero rocher in the fridge and nutella in the cupboard and feel no compulsion to eat them at all. I am a bit over chocolate and cheese anyway.

Workout wise, the past week:

Boxing Day: approx 4km run, Princes park

27th: 5 mins warmup, elliptical, 30 min run, tready, 10 mins cooldown, elliptical, arm weights.

28th: 6 km run

29th: Easy 20 mins on elliptical, 20 mins recumbent bike, arm weights

30th: Step class

31st: 4 shortish hill repeats, slow jogging (about 4km all up), with hound at side

1st: 1 hour walk with some impulsive hill jogging thrown in.

Today: Think I might go and do an easy low impact workout, just gotta get my buttocks off the couch!

Tomorrow: Attempt 10km run.

Tuesday: Hopefully Yoga!

Everybody – enjoy the last day of freedom before work on tues!

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  1. nice lot of workouts there! I’m jealous! Tomorrow I am going to attempt a 60 min run in tempy (am visiting the parentals), which will equate to about 9kms for me. ps. you are making great progress with the food stuff, good work!

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