2010 – Achievements – looking through rose coloured glass half full.

  • Got out of bed every morning (hey, not always easy!)
  • Stayed married to hubby (he is lovely, of course, but marriage takes work and it cannot be taken for granted) Most importantly got him to do housey stuff without actually having to beg him, involved me not being so bloody control-freaky.
  • Managed to not harm the dog my omission or commission – bodes well for having kids, does it not?
  • Got my letters
  • Made 2 fantastic overseas trips (in fact, this time last year we were preparing to board a plane to Paris)
  • Made actual face to face contact with fellow bloggers!
  • Successfully came off Anti-Ds. then successfully went back on them (glass half full etc)
  • Kept running, albeit inconsistently. Did some very fun fun runs.
  • Walked 60km, 45 of which with blisters (Trailwalker)
  • Managed recently to find some shoes with good arch support which don’t cause me blisters.
  • uhhhh, don’t think I got a speeding ticket or anything like that. Only one parking ticket. Managing to stay largely on the right side of the law.
  • Found a niche, academically, and am now wading towards a PhD……never thought I would do that.
  • Walked the circuitous path towards the fact that I can deal with emotional discomfort without having to inhale every food in sight, that it will still be there tomorrow, or next week, that hunger will not kill me and am not in any imminent danger of starvation. Cut down on alcohol consumption.
  • On similar note, started to learn to appreciate my physical appearance, rather than being ashamed of it, with the help of such stellar bloggers as Lilli from Frocks and Frou. Generally learned to talk to myself more sensibly.
  • Managed not to have a very major or lasting fall-out with the 2 bitchy bosses; there is a veneer of civility between us (quite thin, I suspect, and I am glad that I am not working with them next year because godddamn I think I will slap them).
  • What I have not learned: to not procrastinate (so says the big basket of washing that needs folding)

I will never forget a picture that Dear Departed Nanna had – it said “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out”. I liked that.

On a completely different note – I have been invited to my 15 year high school reunion, we did not get our acts together for 5 or 10 years.. The girl organising it was a complete BIATCH to me at school, as were a lot of the kids, the positive side of me says that she will have changed, she has 2 kids. I don’t think my school friends will be keen on going. I dunno. What does the committee think?

Happy and safe new year to you all, take care and God/Allah/Buddha/Jedi Knight bless all of you.

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  1. A good list of achievements there Cilla … hope 2011 is as good for you!
    I went to a 30 year school reunion a few years back, went with a good friend who we still see. I wouldn’t have gone if I was going on my own. It was fun, all a bit weird. A lot of people I didn’t remember at all, some I remembered once they started reminiscing, some I didn’t want to remember and a few who it was nice to catch up with.
    Have a nice time in Daylesford.

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