3-ish Laps of Prinny.


Here is my workout:


It huuuuuurt. It was ok till 6 km then at about 7km I started groaning. My ankle / foot on my right side (old twisted ankle) hurt a bit too, on and off, but I kept going. Funnily enough, when I was really struggling, I managed to keep my pace up.

I kept about the same pace as the 6km run, counted in most of the drink stops (which I did not last time).

I am proud that I did it, albeit slowly,  because I was not raring to go this morning, but I shuffled out there. I did not foreshorten the run too much.

It means I will be able to do City to Bay, perhaps with the crowd effect I might do a better pace. Who knows. I will be happy just to run all of it, and try and enjoy it.

I am hungry now, it is lunchtime. So bye. I will try not to take a nap this arvo.

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