Now, what was I doing RIGHT?


I realised yesterday that the times when I had been successful in losing weight was when I consistently (ie 4-5x/week) did long (1 hour) exercise classes – spin, running group, step, body jam – all of it. Also I wasn’t drinking much alcohol and was eating REASONABLY well but certainly not counting calories. Counting calories is boring. It was fairly easy and I did not even realise I was losing weight till I stepped on the scales.

Simple explanation- ~500-600 calories burnt per session = big calorie deficit.

Do I have the time ? HELL YEAH I have the time – If I blog this, facebook and generally pissfart around, I have the time to do the exercise. The thing with exercise classes is that they lock me in for an hour, I have never walked out of a class early, but if I go to the gym with the intention of doing 1 hour of cardio then I usually only do 20 minutes.

All this namby pamby about “chronic cardio”, “exercise doesn’t help weight loss”, “just a 15 minute workout is all you need” may be ok for some but does not work for ME. And actually I quite enjoy the aerobics classes – just gotta get up the head of steam to get there (overcome lethargy or can’t be arsed).

On that note, yesterday arvo I went to my first spin class for a while. She whupped our asses. I did not enjoy it at the beginning but later in the class I went to my happy place and certainly felt good after. Then I felt ok this morning so I went to step class. My legs are now officially buggered. Think I might make it a light one (pilates) tomorrow.

I just read Scarlett’s blog – there was a great link there for the nike men vs women ad. Yeeehah! Will have to think of that one when am in Japan.

I have also read some other good blogs – see Shauna’s friday link feast. There was one blog about “mind apples” – you need to do “5 a day” – 5 things a day for your mental health. So here goes. I am gonna PAT MYSELF ON THE BACK:

I have had a busy week, doing my NHMRC research proposal and am nearly finished. I have been quite disciplined about it and should get it finished today, instead of working through tomorrow night (I have to present it on Tuesday). I have still managed to do good work at work and exercise. Yeeehah (omg that is my second yeehah this post whoops now the third.)


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  1. I agree with you Cilla, my hour a day or so of exercise is what keeps my weight on track. For me getting out for a run or ride, or even putting headphones in and doing a workout in the front room is stress releasing “me time”. I think there is something in the chronic cardio thing though, in that it is good to not push yourself too hard every session, that is have some nice easy ones.

  2. I totally am against the 15 mins is all you need mentality. I think it reinforces the idea that exercise is something we “have” to do. If you are loving it, then 15 mins is never enough 😉

    Btw, are you going to run the Imperial Palace track here? It’s around 5km and a great run + you get to do sightseeing at the same time.

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