Fitness, not Facebook


I think I spend more time on Facey than I do exercising. Not just facey, doing other fairly useless puter browsing and stalking blogs.

This is INSANE. There are no excuses – if I have time to facey, then I have time to exercise. What I might try and do is a little bit before and a little bit after work. These will get me the calorie deficits I need.

And if I don’t have the energy to exercise and it is late, then I should GO TO BED rather than facey.

Sleep, exercise – 2 much more important things.

I have gone for a haircut today. It looks good. I love Portia, but am very upset because she is leaving me to go to Canberra! WTF?! Bad weather and politicians! Pooo. Will have to go for a walk in the morning, want the ‘do to last 24 hours! I love that just out of a salon look and smell. Happy days.

I got some of the research grant thingy done today. Would have done more, but had actual work to do. We always have to have 1 crabby family – spend twice as much time with them than the others and they are half (or less) happy. POOOOOOOO.

Better feed the dog – though she looks happy sprawled in front of the heater. Ian and I always joke that if the heater could feed the dog, she would not need us at all.

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