How very exciting!


I met with my PhD supervisor for next year at the Austin this morning, he says he is very excited about the project and it all sounded good. He had not actually read my proposal but was happy that I had done it. He is uber busy. Then I had to go to work in Willi for mega-meeting day. I stopped off to get a sandwich and coffee (needed coffee, slept badly last night) and I saw this lady in a beautiful red dress lugging a suitcase toward a bookstore. She looked like she had walked off the set of Mad Men. I got a closer look, and I thought, “hey, I recognise her!”..

It was none other than the gorgeous Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou! My fashion hero! So I did my patented trick of yelling out the person’s name and if they turn around, great, and if they don’t well it is the wrong person and they probably won’t have noticed anyway.

Well, sure enough it was her, and she looked slightly confused about this crazy lady shouting at her. Luckily I am very, very good at introducing myself to perfect strangers (goes with the job – introducing myself is the least of it). I said “you don’t know  me but I am one of your readers”, and introduced myself.

She cottoned on, and then we had a little chat – complemented me on my clothing (luckily I was having a good rather than sloppy day) and I showed her a picture of my canine baby. She was very lovely and quite unruffled about being accosted in the street 🙂

Anywho – that was my bit of excitement for the day.

Last night I went to Zumba. I thought it would be a bit of a recovery, but it actually got me breaking a decent sweat. I shook it (my booteh) like a polaroid picture. I pouted and shimmied and acted silly and had a very good time. The instructor was great, very tongue-in-cheek – only way to be during Zumba.

Was going to go to spin class tonight but it was booked out – which is good because I am buggered, my butt, hammies and ITB are tight (suffice it to say I am a tightarse) and I have some things to do. I will have a really, really good stretch.

5 days to Japan – excitement rising!!

also exciting – NCIS new series on tonight – my girl crush, Ziva. Love her.

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  1. Nice one making new/old friends. I forgot that I wasn’t in uniform today and stopped to help two lots of people who looked lost- then I realised why they thought it was so weird!

  2. MMmm coffee – I need a good coffee. Coffee sucks in Thailand. And I hate creamer…. I may just break my coffee addiction if I stay here much longer. lol.

    You are making me jealous with all your gym classes… I miss my gym.

    Oh and an hour massage cost less than $10 here and you can get it while you are laying on the beach….

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