Lingering Lurgy (and doubt)


I have developed sinusitis – dull ache in cheeks and teeth and lots of ….ok TMI but it has to do with snot. I am normally very anti antibiotics (unless there is a serious confirmed bacterial infection – I think they are over-used in colds) but after lots of nagging from the beautiful Paraguayan, I have gotten a script for some antibiotics. It may also stop the cough (probably from all the muck from the sinuses), and I may get a better sleep.

I have been a bit anxious re: my career lately – I am finishing up my training this year, “getting my letters” aka the FRACP and will be a consultant geriatrician as of February next year. I plan to do a PhD, which I am applying for, and going for scholarships and such. The PhD will be on obesity in the elderly, and the trial is pretty much all my idea; my ‘baby’. It is very exciting but it is a bit off the beaten track, a bit of uncertainty involved, a bit less “safe”. I also have to apply for a consultant position for a couple of sessions a week, for which I have had a few “maybes” and “very likelies” but nothing yet on paper. This is ok because none of the other folk finishing have job set in concrete. But I had a bit of a “doubt attack” yesterday – wondering whether I was doing the right thing. I have largely gotten over it now – I have a lot of years working as a consultant physician, what is 3 or 4 years to do some original research which contributes to medical knowledge and pick up a bunch of new skills plus or minus pop out a baby or two.

Today, I met up with my supervisor for my end of year report. It was always going to be a satisfactory one (we need satisfactory reports to “pass” our training), but I was fearing fall-out from the nasty incident from the 2 bitchy bosses; it all made me a bit anxious. Basically she was happy with my job, she was happy to be a referee and said that she enjoyed working with me. We did talk a bit about the incident, I didn’t say much other than “it’ll all come out in the wash”. So that bit is signed off.

Regarding my eating/weight loss malarkey – I have been a bit quiet about that, sort of working away (i.e. doing Weight Watchers) in the background. I have come to a few good conclusions lately. The first is that a bit of denial won’t hurt me – I have found this out in practice multiple times recently. The second is that I need to get a consistent decent calorie deficit – in practical terms, this means, for most days of the week, no wine, no chips, no choccy, no cakies, plus a little bit of exercise every day while I am in weight loss mode. I just need to make it consistent. CONSISTENCY – the c word. The psychologist said that I had lost a bit off my face/upper body – I dunno, I have not really been weighing myself.

I am totally looking forward to holidays! Yay! Only 12 working days to go!

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  1. I’m good at consistency, just not of the right kind!

    Hope the health clears up. you have to be okay for hols.

    Btw I was told today that if you have a cold here you have to go to the hospital for a shot to clear it up. I don’t know what the shot is… I’ve never heard of an injection that cures colds! Plus it’s 3,000 yen.

  2. I am counting down the days too- but it is 19 days until my holidays- but so nice to have something to look forward to. Hope that snot and muck gets cleared up soon! Can’t be sick on holidays.

  3. I think that consistency is the key to my success in weight loss and in maintaining it. Once you firmly establish that consistency, it becomes habit and is easier.

    Hope the lurgy gets better.

    Meeting up for brekky after the run sounds like a good idea, we should be done well before 9am fir goodness sake. I didn’t realize it was such an early start either!

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