Doing what makes me feel good.


Went out for my run this morning, was hoping for a 10km but in the end did about 7 of which I walked about 4. This lurgy has taken it out of me. I was also coughing and snotting and I just can’t abide that when running. I am not such a natural runner that I can tolerate acts of illness during the run. I just can’t bring myself to do the snot rocket like some blokes do. No. Am too much of a laydee for that. So I just enjoyed the sunshine and the Yarra, just walking.

So I rang up Andrew, mostly to get him to hear how hoarse I was, and said that I might not be a goer for next week. He was fine with that and luckily he has somebody else that he can run with.

I don’t know what I am going to do – if I am still no better I may downgrade again or pull out, or I might just turn up and be content with whatever time I get, enjoy the sunshine and the atmosphere, even if I have to walk half of it. I need to go easy on myself.

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast on intuitive eating by Shauna and Carla – it was really good. I kept on nodding and thinking “yeah”. The talk about bodily wisdom speaking in a whisper that can easily be drowned out.

We rely on too many external cues for what we eat – diet “gurus”, conventional wisdom, the clock, the plate. They were talking about eating what makes you feel good. I figure I know what is best for me, I just do too good a job ignoring it. I had a think about this and came up with this list – you will note that most of the foods in the first category are very nutritious.

Food that makes me feel good/ “agree” with me  and that I like and eat enthusiastically. Do not make me feel bloaty or heartburny or tired or sinussy or guilty:

Oats/Muesli with soy milk, Peas, Lamb, Fresh Salmon, Chicken (Thighs, not breast), Carrots with hommus, nuts, Spaghetti bolognese with spelt pasta, Sheeps milk yoghurt, goats fetta, little square of dark chocolate, herbal/green/white tea, Cauliflower, Pumpkin, potato, Sauteed green leafies with butter/garlic, capsicum, cucumber, eggs, coffee (black, 1-2 cups per day), wine (not more than 1-2 glasses and not daily), olives, gherkins, corn, sashimi, citrus, berries, the occasional curry.

My favourite foods:

Fish and chips, pizza (only the gourmet thin crust stuff), cadbury chocolate, croissants (especially from Dench bakery and especially with Nutella), chips (especially salt and vinegar or anything from Red Rock deli), luxury ice cream in small quantities, small amounts of good cheese (too much dairy makes me sinussy), good white bread (i.e. sourdough, or anything fresh from good baker), anything from a good restaurant.

Foods that I eat that don’t make me feel that good:

Diet cola (makes me feel hungry), cows milk/low fat ice cream (make me sinussy and taste not worth the risk!), excessive coffee, excessive/daily wine (gives me heartburn and messes with my mood), excessive carbohydrates at lunchtime or in arvo (make me more tired), protein bars (make me bloated – probably related to sugar alcohols), large quantities of food late in evening, even if mostly vegetables (makes me bloated and not sleep properly), too much sugar (makes me icky and tired and guilty), raisin/fruit toast (bloaty ++)

Foods that I can take or leave:

(mass produced) biscuits, bread, lollies, rice, most pasta

Foods that I eat that I don’t really like but eat because I feel I should:

Sweet potato, protein bars, tuna from tin (can eat it in a frittata but don’t really like it by itself), sushi hand rolls.

So the plan is to eat mainly from the first category, make sure I enjoy some of the second category in reasonable quantities but on a regular basis (say, once per week). I will try to avoid the latter 3 categories.

I have also had a think about exercise in this context – I find it most helpful to do what I feel like doing on the particular day, and not do anything that takes too long – I need to listen to myself a bit more. I tend to give exercise away because I don’t have the energy to do what I feel I “should” do, rather than just cutting my losses and doing a little bit of something gentler. The other thing is, for me, that most of the battle is in actually getting out/to the gym – once I am there I am fine.

Exercise that I can do anytime, in any mood: Walking, swimming in the wuss pool, stretching, pilates, elliptical trainer

Exercise that I love but needs time and organisation: dancing!

Exercise that needs a bit of extra “grunt”/energy: running (esp. more than 10mins) aerobics, prolonged bike ride, anything prolonged, Jillian Michaels workout DVD.

Looking at this I am lucky to enjoy so many activities! I can at least be flexible, so no excuses to sit on the couch.

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  1. The lurgy’s this year have been longer lasting unfortunately. Mine finally went after three weeks. You just have to be patient. There will be other fun runs if you can’t do MM2010. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. What a good way of looking at it. Why overindulge on the food you really couldn’t give a goddamn about when you can treat on the good stuff. The stuff you really love makes you happy, the eat just because it’s there food isn’t that enjoyable and just makes you feel guilty and blerk.

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