Spreading the Lemony Love.


I have Snack-itis.

Let me explain.

I am in the process of  (well, ok, just started) writing a research proposal. Any sort of medical or technical writing is hard, painstaking, anxiety provoking and generally painful. And boring.

So it prompted a lot of wanderings to the pantry and fridge. I asked myself “am I hungry”. I did not know. I have heard it said that being hungry is like being in love – if you don’t know whether you are or aren’t, then you generally aren’t.

I do that ALL THE FRICKING TIME, and I am only just noticing it now. I am a serial snacker, a serial pantry pest, fridge raider. Now I am learning to sit with the uncomfortable feelings. Being in the job I am in, I have my share of uncomfortable feelings.

So, it was a lovely day and we have a lemon tree in the front yard. Usually I just pick the lemons as required; we don’t usually get that many, but this year we have a bumper crop. I went and picked the lemons and put them in a box to take to work and share. Plus I left some lemons on the front doorstep of the neighbour with a little note. We don’t know the neighbours on the other side that well so hopefully this will break the ice. When I came in, I found a caterpillar had taken residence on my shoulder, so after my initial girly squeal I put it outside. That was a nice, simple diversion.

I have made a little contact with my sister (on the advice of the psychologist); a good thing too, because one of her friends has a melanoma, and it looks bad. We will catch up soon.

I have just had a lovely dinner with my friend Sarah – hubby is in the Barossa valley at the kiddy-headshrinker conference. We went to the corner store in Yarraville – I had some meatballs and a lovely shanklish, mint and radish salad. I salad loaded (as opposed to carb loaded).

I am now preparing to get up at sparrowfart tomorrow for the big race. I have prepared some porridge (I keep forgetting how porridge has a tendency to explode in the microwave, why do I keep doing it??) and brewed some coffee. I look forward to seeing the running crew there. I will be having brekky with Andrew – he had better bring a good book cause I will be waaaayyy behind him- mostly because it takes ages to get off the start line!!

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