No wonder it felt harder.


Well, Shells and I went for another long (1 hr) run. It felt much harder this time, I thought I had a monkey on my back or something. I was blowing harder than last time. I thought I had gained 5kg in extra weight.

Shells started yapping to me in the middle and I said “Can’t talk. I have 15kgs on you, it is hard”. I also got blisters :(. I didn’t get niggles though. It’s one thing or the other.

So I had a little meltdown at about 1.3km from the finish and wanted to walk because of the blisters. Then I thought “Hey, I walked 45km with blisters….I can jog 1.3km.

Then we sat down for a coffee at Kanteen (home of the beautiful androids with their beautiful android children and cute puppy dogs) and I figured out why it felt harder.

Last time, we did 7:40minute kms. This time, we did 7:18 minute kms, including drinkee stops and hills! A whole 22 seconds per km faster!!! Gawd, I love my runkeeper! It also does a little map where we ran.

Well, enough bragging…I had better get prepared to catch the tram to Art Class.

Tonight we are going to try out Mamasita, a modern Mexican restaurant. Should be good.

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