Crankypants fatbum.


I went to Hamilton and Portland with the boss on sunday and worked very hard monday. Pub meals both nights. Not compatible with 2 fruit n 5 veg. Compatible with grease. And the Royal at Portland does an awesome home made chicken Kiev and frickin awesome chips, both of which I partook of.

On monday morning I ran around lake Hamilton (well not exactly around, to and from and a little bit of around). Got some beautiful photos, which I will add when I can be arsed. Sorry.

This morning, up at 0530 to catch a plane to Melbs. Beautiful sunrise. Straight back to work and saw the boss. Had a chat with him and managed to put my foot firmly in my mouth (funny, didn’t think I had that flexibility). He got quite annoyed with me. See, I have an unfortunate habit of occasionally saying what comes to mind, and occasionally even like to be controversial. It fell flat today. I just beat a hasty retreat, ran back into my office and hyperventilated, wishing I could swallow the words. I really hope that a stupid offhand statement doesn’t destroy any faith he had in me, he did seem to like me.

Anyway just repeating my thoughts makes me realise how absolutely NEUROTIC I am being. But I have been in a tizz all day about it, and it hasn’t helped that I have been exhausted. Plus the fruit and veg people stuffed up our delivery and they have been on my cranky list. So this contributed to the dietary indiscretions outlined on facebook. Though I realise that this is the way some people eat every day.

I was even going to give Pilates a miss but I have learned that the grumpier you are the more the benefit from the exercise.

Anywho, tomorrow is a new day. I need to have a shower (take the fuzz off my legs – left the razor at home), tidy up for the cleaner and think happy thoughts.

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  1. You were in my hometown! Well sort of- I went to secondary school in Hamilton, and ran around Lake Hamilton for our cross country runs. If I had known I would have made Mum whip you up something a bit healthier than a parma at the Cally.

  2. I was going to say the same as Kat, isn’t tidying up the cleaner’s job?

    You’re right about your meal choices too. You slipped up one day and realised it – 95% of the population choose to eat like it every day.

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