The new aim: Fabulousness and Fitness (not food or fat)


I decided that I was going to try not to worry about my weight.


  • because it is probably not that much of a health risk, as long as I am fit
  • It has gotten me nowhere.
  • It does not help my mood.
  • When I obsess about weight, I obsess about food. And when I obsess about food, I eat more of the stuff. It is not the enemy.
  • Most importantly – there are many more important things in life. The globe is warming, the poor are struggling, Tony Abbott may become Prime Minister and I sit here worrying about how my sass and bides are too tight.

So, using the CBT techniques, whenever I am obsessing about weight or food, to stop the thought and think about something else. Like drawing a picture. Or going on a run. Or what outfit I will wear. The shonky state of politics. My research proposals. Daniel Craig and George Clooney. I think about my weight more than the average fella thinks about sex. Which is quite a lot.

Any other thoughts on what I can think about?

So I have invested in a hair straightener and make my trademark the glossy bob. I have some fabulous red lippy. I will be happy with the clothes (and body) that I have.

It will be hard to stop checking out my reflection in store windows etc but instead of thinking “I look fat and slouchy”, I will think “wow, my butt is looking particularly proud and perky today”. I will challenge negative thoughts with “I can be a bit of orright”.

Ian was very happy with this.

Today, I am off to take my fabulous self to Coolum. I have packed my bathers too. And I will wear them with pride, I tells ya. I will not self-deprecate by worrying that I may get harpooned.

The groin that I strained on trailwalker is still playing up a bit, it seems that running stirs it up, so I will have a week or two off running and see how this goes. Plenty of elliptical/aerobics/swimming stuff I can do.

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  1. I bought proper grown up bathers that are for lounging around and the occasional dip without getting the hair wet- so nice and flattering compared to lap swimming speedos! Have a great time in Coolum!

  2. Great attitude! You may even find that if you worry about the fitness the weight takes care of itself. But even if it doesn’t, I agree with Ian, you’re pretty gorgeous just as you are!

  3. I’m still at the obsessing about everything that goes in my mouth stage and those stupid little scales. Would be nice to to just takes it as it comes but every time I try that I put on weight and then are further away from my goal. I WILL get off the merry-go-round one day lol.

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