A catch up – bad jokes.


Q. How do you make a hanky dance?

A. Put a little boogie in it.

Q. How does a monkey make a toasted sandwich?

A. He puts it under the gorilla.

Ok. That is enough.

Well I have had a good past week. I went to the geriatrics conference, which was held at the Hyatt Regency Coolum. The best bit was the pool and spa. The other good bit was the lovely environment, a lovely run to the beach was had on the last day. The plenary sessions were good but the pool and spa were better. Also I comprehensively broke my 2 standard drinks limit on all 3 nights of the conference. So did everybody.

On Friday, I flew back to Melb, dropped the dog off at my sisters place and then on Saturday morning, hubby and I flew up to Sydney, where I did some teaching. That night we went out to dinner at Cafe Sydney (the Boss’s shout) and again the alcohol limit was breached. But breached in style. We stayed in the four seasons hotel, which was quite flash. The breakfast was quite nice but it was a real battle to get coffee with the breakfast. Post boozy dinner + no coffee = angry. They finally coughed up.

On the Sunday, we went to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the Archibald prize exhibition. I love portraiture and at high school I was quite good at art. The art here, plus an arty co-worker that has just gone on an arty residency in Paris, have inspired me to get back in touch with my creative side. So I bought a few books – a general how-to on painting and drawing, a guide to get in touch with my creative artistic side, and a book on how to make collages. All great books. I did not buy any clothes, which is quite an achievement for me.

I have been trying to distract myself from thinking about food and diets (apart from when it is strictly necessary like at mealtimes). I have actually got quite a bit done. I have gotten home, tidied up, cooked dinner, organised things and done some drawings. I have not sat down properly till after dinner. Today has been a bit of a struggle because it is the time of the month where I want to piddle every 30 seconds and eat my body weight in chocolate, but I have escaped with a tim tam and a freddo, which is quite restrained. Other than that, I have been waiting until meals and having a good filling one rather than snacking. I have also came up with some good ideas for pictures to draw. I have also exercised both days (run on monday, pilates today).

Well, it is NCIS time. Had better strap myself in.

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