When you comment on a blog, you have to sometimes write a word in to show that you are a human and not a robot. It gave me this word to type, and I liked it.


Hmmm…. sounds like a drinking game that posh schoolboys play. Any other pundits for the word?

Well I have been in a fantastic mood lately. Don’t know what it is. Might be the sceptre of trailwalker is out of the way. I went to the sports doc on friday, he was very happy with how I was going and the new plan. He actually recommended that, for every four weeks of training, the fourth week should be all low impact training – bike, elliptical, whatever. This apparently helps with recovery and injury prevention. I will try this. Maybe the last week of may.

On friday evening I got my haircut and colour, I am now the proud owner of a slinky chestnut bob. I was strutting about like a little duchess afterward. I really love my hairdresser, her name is Portia and she is at rokk ebony in south melbourne. I also had a cheeky couple of wines after. Plus I also bought a pair of shoes, a little lace up pair with 1 inch heels in black patent leather and pointy toes. Great to wear with work pants or jeans.

Yesterday, I did some physician exam teaching ($450 bux yay), to which I very proudly wore my new shoes, new hairdo and my red “boy magnet” lipstick. I had a good day. After, we went to the grill at grossi florentino in the city – very disappointing. I had a braise with spelt pappardelle and it was BLAND-O. The restaurant was also too crowded. I say it time and time again, we are spoilt for good, cheap food in Brunny. I feel like taking my rants to a separate food blog.

Today, I woke up really early (not deliberately) and went to aerobics. Then a well deserved 4 hour nap. We were cooked a vegie quiche by my brother in law for dinner which was yummmm. And another few cheeky glasses of wine.

I have changed from WW online to calorie king – see how that goes.

On Tuesday, off to Coolum for a conference, then up to Sydney for next weekend to do the teaching thing again. I am miss gallivant!

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  1. Enjoy your gallivanting! I am having a week off- the only gallivanting I will be doing will be to Frankston- not quite the same as Coolum.

  2. My hairdresser gives you champers while you are getting your hair done. By the time they are finished, you are pretty much going to think anything looks good!

    Movie after game on sounds good 😀

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