Have to be honest here: my weight has plateaued. The centimetres have come down a bit but not much. I think I talked about the snacks and so forth – this is the thing, as most of my meals are really good.

So – IWEC (I won’t eat crap.)

And IWEWNH (I won’t eat when not hungry).

Perhaps I need to get these tattooed on a prominent place – the inner wrist seems fashionable.

Maybe I need the rubber band reminder – snap the band when about to eat.

Actually I probably need to take extra special care with my diet, as I am a bit run down at the moment. I have a crack on the side of my mouth (in medico terms, angular stomatitis).

Enough about that – I sound like a broken record.

Went to see Fiona O’Loughlin at the Playhouse today. A good show, very candid about problems with alcoholism. Quite poignant, actually. But funny. There was a little “surprise” at the end of the show. I won’t tell – I might get her minders knocking on my door. Actually come to think of it she probably doesn’t have minders. Oh well.

Gave the puppy a bath this arvo – the bathwater was very dark – layers of FILTH had accumulated. She now smells like wet dog. She is staying away from us now. Smart animal. She had lots of walkies today and got lots of pats.

I am looking forward to only having a short week (and 4 day weekend).

Can you believe we have another Fed election this year? It does not seem to be a long time ago, the last one!

Oh, I forgoot – had hurty massage on Thursday. It huuuuurrrrrt. I was whimpering like a little girl.

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  1. My rule 1 was the same as yours (IWEC) but my rule 2 was more like IWERPS (I will eat reasonable portion sizes). IWEWNH is too easily broken for me (ie there are so many opportunities to do it), but if you apply my rule 2 to times when your rule 2 presents itself, and you don’t break rule 1 (eg for me a lot of the “opportunities”, like birthdays at work were crap so I didn’t partake), then you’ll do okay.

    I just read that back and it makes no sense does it. Anyway I hope you can decipher what I mean.

  2. We put Bella in the shower now- she tries to hide when she hears the water start but then she realises that resistance is futile! Then I have to clean the shower afterwards so we both don’t really like shower time.

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