Hide like a rhino


That article that I put in last year for publication, the same study as the one that won the prize at the conference, remember, that one?

It got rejected. 😦

I was expecting this. Some of the comments were actually helpful, and we may try another medical journal.

Of course, it probably did not help that my findings were contradictory to one of the reviewers (well published in the subject). A bit annoying how one side gets all the airtime and the other side doesn’t see the light of day.

I think the rejection might hurt a bit more when I care a lot about what I am researching. I am looking to do a research degree in obesity in the elderly next year. An increasing problem. I need to schmooze. Have been emailing overseas madly. Will keep tight lipped about it until something comes to fruition

The thing with numbers, see, is you can make them show anything you want, depending on how you crunch them. Lies, damned lies and statistics.

The easter bunny (nurse Deb) came with a shirtload of easter eggs. I ate a handful of the little solid choc eggs (about 5) then I stopped. Didn’t feel like any more. So I didn’t. A good show of strength.

am hanging out for the weekend. Hang Ing. Stayed back at work till 7pm to finish all the paperwork in order to get away early tomorrow.

Will be good to spend some quality time with the hubby and doggy. The doggy who is hogging the couch.

The weekend will be carbalicious, so I had better get into the exercise hard. Very hard.

And wasn’t sytycd frickin AWESOME tonight???

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  1. I was watching SYTYCD the other night and my cat (a stray we have taken in recently) started singing to the music – I couldn’t believe it so I muted the sound and she stopped, put the music back on and she started again. Too funny. Happy Easter. Have a nice break.

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