Hump day.


Settle down, folks. I mean wednesday.

I think I have recovered quite well from walkstravaganza, from a muscular point of view. I think the tiredness has caught up with me though; I have been a little weary the last couple of days and had a snooze for a couple of hours this arvo. Hopefully I will right myself.

Some exciting news – I have been scoping out research collaborators and have had an email back from a professor of Geriatrics in Verona, Italy. He said he is happy to have me but I will need to find my own funding (ie a scholarship). I will keep the feelers out – hubby cannot speak Italian and I can currently only speak a little.

I woke up in time for SYTYCD. Loved it. My favourites: Jessie, Ivy, Robbie and Kieran. Like the eye candy too (phillippe).

Off for a hurty massage tomorrow – then to work, then to see my friend Fay, who is preggers and already has a little girl. She is blazing the trail.

My eating has been quite good over the last couple of days – I have cut out my snacks. I find I eat them out of habit rather than hunger. Maybe 1 snack day per week? We shall see.

What do you folks think of the Hey Dad! controversy? I used to enjoy the show. Loved the little fat kid, think his character was called Arthur McArthur.

Had better go to bed.

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  1. I used to watch Hey Dad, I liked Nudge the best and Betty was funny too. But am dubious as to why the actress wouldn’t go to the police first instead of Tracy Grimshaw.

  2. I agree with Shells, it is obviously terrible (if it did in fact happen), but selling your story to a magazine is not the correct approach IMHO.

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