A right pain in the groin.


I have had a pain in my right groin (hip flexor to the more edumacated) area intermittently since the big Lysterfield to Grants walk a couple of weeks ago.

I had a bit of a doctors office consult with Chris, one of the senior orthopedic registrars who I work with today. He said that it is unlikely to be any joint problem (like arthritis) and more likely to be a muscular or soft tissue injury, like a psoas bursitis. He said to not run on it, and if I am going to swim, do freestyle not breaststroke. He said that I did not need an x ray yet. So good news and bad news…..the devil in me wants to defer the rest until I go overseas and go hard at it before then. I can take some anti-inflamms….

but I just sound silly, right?

I had the whole idea of doing some 1km repeats on the tready – 9.5km/hr for 1km, rest/walk for 60 sec, then 10km/h for 1km, then rest, then 10.5km/hr for 1km. I think this will help build up my speed and general fitness a bit, particularly since there is generally no method to my (exercise) madness.

I am also in a bit of a fug because I ate a lot of junk food today (christmas morning tea etc) but I tell myself it could have been worse. Like I could be saying “sod it” and continuing on the junky train instead of having my (very yummy) left over soup tonight.

I think it all made me a bit sluggish, because I left work early today cos it was quiet, got home, and then observed my time honoured tradition of stripping down to my underwear and going to sleep.

It is Ian’s birthday tomorrow. More food, will try to minimise damage as best I can without coming off antisocial or (heaven forbid) starving myself. I have bought Ian a Hornblower DVD set in a wooden box complete with sailing instruments in the box.

Just had a call from mum. The 5th call of the type”oh don’t have much money this year, I am only getting you a small present”. The same thing, 5 times, every freakin year. Plus the “I have no money so I will get you a present next payday ” (that never materialises) from my sister. How do I deal with this? What do I say? Really, truly, it is not the lack of present that grates on me. I have everything I need. Don’t know what it is really…..I would prefer them just to say nothing.

I have been a bit nostalgic about childhood Christmases. Sometimes, we went to Nannas or Auntie Barb’s. There was always a lot of food, a lot of family. Quite enjoyable. Not very much in the way of presents, because Mum had not much money but it was a happy time. Christmases at home were a different matter – they were frugal affairs indeed. When Dad was there, he got drunk. When mum and dad split up, he never showed up.

So I will try and relish the time with family, learn to cook a few new things, be happy about the fact that I can provide my family with a no-expense-spared feast. I will try not to let them annoy me to much. I will try not to drink too much (will make some tasty non-alcoholic punch, I think). I will create my own happy memories of the time.

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  1. hey doc, rest that groin pull please! you can go ‘hard at it’ once you get back from your trip and your groin is all healed 🙂

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