32km yesterday and not sore at all.


I think it was the compression stockings.

Had an issue of burning feet/blisters at the end. Anyone have any cures? Taping? Think it is just the repetitive moving of the feet.

I was pretty unwell at the beginning and middle of the walk. I had a headache and felt sick after the first 15km at the rest stop. I had half a mind to catch a taxi back to my car but I thought I would feel better if I kept walking, so I did.

We did it in just under 6 hours. I headed home and went straight to sleep. Woke up and did the food shopping and bought some meat to roast for xmas day. Also, the plan to cook our own christmas pudding has been nixed due to lack of time; it is an all day job.

Work was a bit painful today, lots of difficult referrals. New resident. Hope to ease into it a bit better tomorrow. I am sooooooo looking forward to christmas and holidays.

Today’s food:

Brekky – muesli, yoghurt, poached cherries coffee 1400kj

Morning tea – coffee, sesame bar 1000kj

Lunch: Ryvitas, Tinned Chicken (wouldn’t recommend, tastes like rubber mixed with tuna), carrots, cheese, cherry tomatoes 1500kj

Pre-dinner: cheese 300kj

Dinner: Chicken salad 1800kj

After: Strawberries, 1tsp sugar, glass wine 900kj

All up 6900kj. give or take. I am trying to eat fewer carbs at night. Potato will be the most difficult thing but I plan on replacing it with sweet potato or pumpkin.

Hope to go out for a run tomorrow in the morning. Actually, hope doesn’t figure into it. Just have to do it. The grippy hip flexor will hopefully be passe.

I really need to tidy up the spare room and do some chucking out. Could sell some books and donate proceeds to oxfam trailwalker. Need to also sort out salary packaging stuff.

I should take advantage of the non-ratings period with crapola telly to do more stuff about the house and sort out my shit.

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