Slummin’ it in the southeast.


I say that with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Am posting at the end of a lovely weekend. It was hubby’s birthday yesterday, and we had lunch in a winery at Gisborne. Then hubby’s work christmas party at the Retreat hotel in abbotsford, a lovely 1920’s hotel with drinks at late 1990s prices. All will be happy to hear that I ate moderately, though the bread and christmas pudding was a bit bloaty (TMI).

Today, we went for a drive out to Rye to check out the Peninsula Hot springs. We were not able to book in a massage so we sprang 55 bucks for the “private” (i.e. public but child free) bathing area. Was a bit disappointing and there was a definite lack of spa jet activity (if I am to drive 120km to sit in hot water, I want it to bubble, dammit). The girls at the front desk were airheads and could not get our payment/ towels etc right. There were a group of tres annoying ladies, one of whom felt the need to cackle loudly at everything. The caf was expensive. But will chalk it all up to experience. I think if we want to go to a spa facility, it is better to stay there.

We drove back. It was an unfortunate day – slow people in front and in the right lane and fast people at my tail. It was a bit of a stressful drive.

We made a detour via chaddy. It was less crowded than I thought, with last minute shoppers. Saw all the high end stores, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Burberry. All far too expensive; wonder if anyone actually buys anything other than fragrances there? Out of interest I quickly nipped into Burberry to see what a trench coat goes for nowadays. I looked then went right on out of the store without peeking at the scarves (which look just like the cheap rip-offs anyway). The price was the GDP of a small African nation.

I bought some underwear (after doing a cleanout of my clothing I have found I am short on Bras), so I bought some in nice colours. Respectably cheeky underthings to make myself feel a bit coquettish. Not uncomfortable. Tugging and scratching around the brassiere area, definitely not sexy.

I confess I have been doing some exercise; my groin is only a niggle and should settle in the 3 weeks I am away. I did my 1km repeats (see last post) with a 5 minute x-trainer warm up. It won’t be long till I am doing all of my running at 10.5km/hr 😛

Only a short week at work. Yay. Then a few days off. Will have to go into work boxing day but only for a few hours.

Have sprouted a few painful facial zits. Why, why, why????

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  1. I am surprised they had price tags, I thought those sorts of establishments operated on an “if you need to ask you can’t afford it” policy.

  2. I should have warned you that some of the pools are like hot baths with no bubbles- but I was relaxing after horseriding and it was freezing cold outside and bliss in the tub! I fell asleep at 7pm that night!

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