lazee daze


I am getting in practice for Spain by having a siesta.

Unfortunately, we found out last night that Ian failed his exam….he will have to re-sit the exam in May next year. Plus all the after hours tutes he needs to go to and the dinners I need to cook for him…..have told him that I will support him.

Oh, well..

Today, went for Pilates class. Then wandered around my mate Brunswick. Found myself a nice pair of strappy silver sandals, down from $199 to to $69 – yeh!

Have been spending most of my time arranging stuff for Spain trip. Booking hotels, etc….very exciting. Spain hotels are very cheap, whereas Parisian hotels are very expensive. We will be staying near Boulevard St. Germain, on the Rive Gauche.

Did my first good going interval session on the tready on Weds, felt really good about it. Nice, short, sharp and shiny. Think I will start doing some pool running also, now the weather is a bit hotter.

I think I said previously that I have been reading a book called weight loss for food lovers? Well I have been following what is in there (mostly the bits about eating stuff when you really feel like it) and have been quite afraid of gaining weight….got on the scales this morning and appear to have lost about a kilo…..could be all fluid…..but encouraging.

Went for spanish lesson on weds evening, kind of easy given that I have studied Italian.

Hubby on call today…hoping to be able to get out to dinner tonight….fingers crossed.

Tomorrow, off for a run with Shells, the first in a while.

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  1. Commiserations to Ian. And there was all the girls on Facebook thinking you were pregnant because you put away the Moet !

    BTW – what is Ian studying ?

    We’re going out for dinner tonight too … probably just pizza and a beer.

  2. We stayed in backpackers in Spain and in France and I agree totally! But if you dont mind sharing the bathroom then backpackers are great- and we actually stayed in some places that had our own bathroom- luxury! (Mind you I was with a buddy, not my partner so accommodation wasn’t that important- as long as it had two beds.

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