Quack, quack.


My, ’tis good weather for the ducks.

  • Busy and stressful week at work. Diagnosed somebody young with a metastatic (widespread), aggressive cancer. Upsetting for all.
  • Hubby in a bit of a morose mood, me in a foul one (they tend to feed off each other). We are working it out.
  • we had a bit of an argument yesterday and, luckily or unluckily, we were at Highpoint. Rather than saying a lot of hurtful stuff to each other, we went in different directions by ourselves. Had a (single) scoop of icecream (toffee walnut yummmm), not very good but much more substantial damage could have been done. I then went and shopped. I bought a pair of uber cute flats from Mimco which would be good for schlepping about in Paris. I also bought a shirt n skirt from Trenery, kind of like the older, pudgier sister of Country road (they go up to size 20). But nice stuff was bought.
  • Hence, mollified, hubby and I have been at peace.
  • We have been doing Spanish for travel lessons together, and there is some talk afoot of doing Salsa classes.
  • Shells and I had grand plans for 3 laps around Albert Park lake (approx 15km) but got rained out. We then had grand plans to do 90 minutes on the tready but about 23 minutes in, after all the internal “you can do it’s”, I cracked the shits and slammed the stop button. I then got us some tickets for body step. Shells held up admirably, despite the fact that it was a new release and she had not done step since circa 1996.
  • After, went for brekky at red box. After some good exercise, I decided to sod the poached eggs and have the french toast with marscapone, macadamias and bacon. It slid down a treat.
  • I don’t know if I blogged about my haircut and dye, but I have recently had a fab job done. The only issue is that, when I sweat, the dye leaks. Not good. So now my exercise tops have an orangey tinge, which hopefully the omo will remove.
  • Have decided that Ian and I need a nice weekend together on the 5th and 6th of december. Some ideas that have been bandied about are thus: Trip to Vue grande at Queenscliff (expensive), trip to Canberra to see the works from the Musee D’orsay (will be there in the flesh come January), holiday with the hound, stay at home but go for a massage and then take the dog for a swim at the beach (which beach will accept dogs?). Ideas would be invited.
  • Left hammy/butt still giving me some jip, not enough to stop me. Have been stretching very religiously.
  • Am cooking mum, hubby and sis a lamb roast tonight.
  • will sign off now.

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  1. Glad we’re not the only ones who have those fights! The weekend away sounds a great idea, if it was me I’d head down the Great Ocean Road somewhere (but that’s what I always choose).

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