It’s on, It’s off, Now it’s back on!


Well the Spain holidays were looking a bit shaky at one stage, hubby was not going to be able to get leave and we could not change the flights. So after a few arguments, with hubby being put in the doghouse once or twice, we thought laterally and cancelled our flights with Singapore and got flights with Emirates….

Hopefully nothing else happens.

Did all my christmas shopping yesterday…I felt very proud of myself. So proud, in fact, that I bought myself a new pair of brooks adrenaline runners, thorlo socks, YSL mascara and clinique lippy. Plus I got some pressies for some other peeps! And great ones for hubby (his birthday is pretty close to christmas).

Today, went for TW training with Shells and Jay. We did the last sector of the trail, very steep and tough in the heat. What a workout! Silly me, I only bought a 350 mL bottle of gatorade to consume en route 😳 so I had to swig from the ladies camelbaks. So dutifully I went and got myself a camelbak from Kathmandu. Not particularly cheap but what price hydration?

Tonight, a dinner at Baba Levantine in Brunny, amazing food. Lovely dessert.

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