Random Sunday Musings.


1. Big Props from the Big Boss.

Have spent quite a bit of time with the Prof this week, other bosses on leave and such. On Friday night, we went to a Memory Clinic get-together dinner and I sat next to the Prof. He said to me at one point “You’re Very Good”. Which made me very happy and my head swell. I slipped in that I wanted a Job with the service. Probably being a bit forward but hey – one has to do what they have to do.

Drank far too much wine that night.


2. The Physicianly Generation Gap.

I examined for the “mock” FRACP exams on Satdee morning with the mutha of all headaches (think the folks I examined got marked down a little because of this :)). I examined with a Physician nearing retirement. We saw an obese lady for one of the long cases and he professed to not knowing much about obesity. He said “We never saw much of it in my day. I, myself, have been the same weight for years”. So I explained all the new stuff about obesity. The world is a different place now. Will probably have some young whipper-snapper telling me about the new things in medicine when I am nearing retirement. 


3. My Sass and Bide jeans and body image. 

I squeezed myself into my new S&B jeans today. They only just cover my arse crack (or natal cleft in medical terminology). They are quite tight but there is not too much muffin toppage (none that I couldn’t artfully cover). I will be happy when they are comfortable. Whenever that is. It seems funny that I barely fit into the largest size of S&B jeans. They clearly do not want larger ladies in their couture. So why do I want own a pair? Why does fitting into them loom large in how positively (or otherwise) I view myself? I am fit and well, why can I just not be happy with how I look?

I did feel nice in my new jeans, my tailored jacket and my boots today (notwithstanding the frequent need to tug at the jeans). I felt pretty. I had an “I look nice” day, not a fat or ugly day.


I don’t watch Australias Next top Model, but I saw an article about one of the finalists, who is a chain-smoking, swearing teenage bogan from Sunbury. They were comparing her to the sweet, graceful, educated Sarah Murdoch.

WTF? They are looking for MODELS, not Nobel Laureates. All they need to do is take a good photo and look good in couture. And I can name many models that are badly behaved. Sheesh.


5. Lentils

I like them and feel all virtuous eating them, but they give me the toots.

On that note, I sign off.

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  1. The current obesity problem is a real worry isn’t it. We don’t really seem to be making too much headway as a community.

    Sarah Murdcoch would have to be one of the most beautiful women in the world IMHO.

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