Run Melbourne Half Marathon. “Anyone Can” – and we did!


Up at sparrowfart today to take part in my first half. Me, Kath and Shells.

We were back of the packers most of the way, though we passed pram lady, Wolverine, Mrs. Wombat and Run-Walk showoff guy. Plus maybe some others.

All hunky dory until about the 13km mark, whereupon I developed a blister. Rolled into the physio station, sat and received a bandaid. What service! Though the blister felt rather like a chisel sticking into my right medial arch at around Km 20 and 21.

The best bit – getting overtaken by the female winner (don’t know her name) at about km 8. She said to us “well done girls” – She used some breath on us! We responded with cheers of “you rock” and “you’re our hero”. Another good bit was having Em et al cheer us on from Olympic park. Man, she has good eyesight.

After about km 15 the hills started to huuuurrrrt.

Great to finish the race, arm in arm, cheering loudly and proudly. We had fun hamming it up to the race marshalls, apart from one on linlithgow who was a bit condescending.

After the race – sleepybyes for a few hours. Then to do a bit of food shopping, then to The Commoner on Johnston St Fitzroy with Hubby, Shells and her partner. It was “Feed me” night where the chef decided what to feed you. Multiple small courses of very yummy food, including the dessert. It worked out to 55 bux a head, not including drinks. Was quite full after that.

Ok. It is nearly 11 o’ clock. Bedtime.

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  1. I have an uncanny ability to recognise anyone I have run with at 20 paces, plus I was also keeping a special lookout for you.

    Though I was expecting just you and shells so the extra person threw me for just a sec.

    Well done on running your first HM, may it be the first of many 🙂

  2. Hey- that is not right, not everyone can run a HM! Congratulations and don’t take anything away from yourself- great work! Hope you have recovered well.

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