De-Stressing the Healthy Way.


I am finding myself increasingly stressed at work. I am lucky to have a secure job, but working in the Public Hospital System has its own set of unique stressors. If I divulge them here my job will no longer be secure.

I indicated to another (senior) doctor that I was frustrated with some aspect of management. He said “go home and have a stiff drink”, jokingly. I said “that’s not healthy”, especially when it becomes a habit. 

I realised on the way home that most of my stress management involves some form of caloric intake – a choccy, a nice meal, a glass or two of wine. My stress relief coincides with dinner time. 

So I went home, got hubby to give me a back rub (I have a sore back) and the dog was in the room and I gave her a nice pat and had a laugh at her antics.

Talkin ’bout my generation is on also, always good for a laugh.

And, of course, this blog.

I am feeling better already. Home made fish n chips for dinner.

Having a massage on thurs for my sore back. Having a haircut tomorrow. Aaaaahhhhhhh.

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  1. I hear you about stress relief having a calorie count. Isn’t it funny that we all know a run is a great way to de-stress – it’s just so hard to tell your body that when it’s wanting chocolate…

    Hope it gets better soon!

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