Buona Pasqua!


This means “Happy easter” in Italian. I studied Italian to year 12 and did a term of it recently at CIS. I can ask simple questions. I have quite a good accent.

A couple of nights ago, we let the doggy in overnight because she was howling and the neighbours need their sleep cos they have a newborn. The dog rewarded us with upending the bin and helping herself to all the leftover food bits and pieces in there. There was rubbish strewn all over the floor. Honestly, she acts like she hasn’t been fed, but that is behaviour common to all dogs!

I have pulled my finger out and done my tax and saw the accountant today. I got a nice fat refund! I do love a windfall.

I have to disagree with Em re the Choc cross buns. I went and bought a half dozen bakers delight regular HCBs and they had samples of the choc cross buns there. They were yum, probably would be even better toasted. I think the mocha ones might be a bit dodgy though.

Off to the Mother in Law’s in the sticks this weekend, we are bringing the dog. She loves going in the car. She will have some Kangaroos to chase and bark at.

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