4 days to India


Yes, we are off to India and Nepal on Friday. There may be some kerfuffle there with the elections coming up in India but I am hoping we will dodge it. At least I am not flying via Bangkok this time!

Things to do:

  • Fill script for Malarone
  • Put in Leave form and Salary Packaging Stuff…
  • Tidy up spare room
  • Buy Dog food
  • Buy Money belt (can do at airport)
  • Oh yes, and Pack…

Had a wonderful relaxing weekend at the MIL’s. We had lots of food, lots of wine, lots of chocs and lots of snooze. The dog enjoyed herself also!

I hope everybody also had a good easter.

Went out today to the city, I said to myself that I was gonna buy some stuff when I did my tax return and bought some Lorna Jane apparel, some Havianas that fit properly and some sporty walking sandals from Helly Hansen. Why oh why do abovementioned sandals always have to be a. fugly and b. ridiculously expensive? The ones I bought are not too fugly (only slightly german touritst-like) and were half price.

Well I’d better go and attend to mess in room.

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  1. hope you had a good easter break!
    how long are you going to india for and when do you get back?
    i did my tax return last year and i had to PAY IN $950 ;( bummer!
    have a good trip! see you when you get back!

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