Stands for Can’t find a fucking thing.

Similar to CRAFT – Can’t remember a fucking thing.

Have not done last financial years tax yet…need to in order to get Kevin’s stimulation….(ooooh kinky). Need to pull my finger out. Have tried to now but can’t find all my receipts….have appt at accountant thurs….Think I might change it to next tues…..I need a day to clean out my study and chuck out some stuff. Will be gratifying to chuck out all my FRACP stuff.

To quote Em, Aunt Flo is in town and I am a bit flaky and grumpy and craving chocs. Need to go to bed, think I might resume the search tomorrow.

Dog was a bit sooky tonight when I let her out tonight, she had a long day outside today. She sounded like a rooster crowing, so high pitched were her howls. So she will sleep inside tonight and she had better not piddle on the floor!!

here she is. She is a bit camera shy and I am a bit tired


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  1. πŸ˜† my damn Aunt Flo has lobbed on me too, so I am malingering at home on the couch.

    Now my dear, you need a manilla folder, chuck it all in there and then tax time is easy peasy.

    Hope you get it all sorted.

  2. What a coincidence. I went and got my tax done yesterday! Just need to go and find that diary now. You know the one, with all my km’s logged πŸ™„

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